4 Incredible Motorhomes

We gathered together some of the most impressive, complete motor vehicle conversions we have seen. To think that most of these motor homes are also road-worthy is another feat in itself. Electricity, running hot water, and insulation are no obstacle for these upcylcing projects.

The Environmentally Friendly Weaver Bus

school bus

Image obtained from Statesman


This converted 1979 school bus and VW camper combo is the brainchild of environmentally friendly Dave Weaver and a friend, and runs on recycled vegetable oil at speeds of up to an impressive 55mph. The bus van combo includes all the amenities one needs to thrive with life on the road; including a full kitchen, hot water shower, and more intriguingly a music studio with stand up piano!

 The Maine Guest Bus


Image obtained from Inhabitat


Image obtained from Inhabitat


Image obtained from Inhabitat


Image obtained from Inhabitat

This converted vintage bus was in such bad condition when first acquired, it had to be completely rebuilt from the inside out which, down to its age alone was no feeble task. Now fully converted, the bus serves as a great guest house, with all the plumbing and fixtures and the added benefit of being completely mobile.

The Big Green Bus

green bus

Image obtained from Canopy & Stars


Image obtained from Canopy & Stars

big green bus

Image obtained from Canopy & Stars

The big green bus does motor living in style. Although it now lays in its retired home in a Sussex field, this double-decker 1980’s bus is now a luxury countryside getaway, with oak flooring, LED lighting, and Farrow & Ball paint to bring a touch of class to the project. On top of this, the bus has still maintained many of its quirky features including seating made from the original chairs.

Bertie Blue


Image obtained from Bertie Blue


Image obtained from Bertie Blue


Image obtained from Bertie Blue

Would you believe that this converted 1969 ambulance has space to fit 6 people in it? Oh, and we didn’t mention the cooking station, and dining area and full mobility of a road-worthy vehicle. Bertie Blue is more a feat of design ingenuity than anything else, making use of every last inch of space to ensure this emergency vehicle could serve a secondary purpose in its life after service.

Alvin Mennie


Having lived in Malta for several years, Alvin loves all things bright and all things colourful. A recent graduate, Alvin enjoys taking on a good old weekend DIY challenge; particularly upcycling anything he can get his hands on- from wardrobes to vintage suitcases! He also loves finding nifty little money saving hints and tips which will both brighten and inspire any home!

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