5 Ideas for Hallway Inspiration

Your entrance hall is a very important space in the house as first impressions count! When starting to design a scheme you need to think about creating a space that fits with your home, while being both welcoming and stylish.

It’s important to create a flow between spaces, so ensure you choose a colour that complements the colours used in rooms coming off the hallway. It can work well to choose a complementary colour that’s darker than the colours used in outlying rooms as this will make them seem lighter and more airy. Try painting the space in deep reds or dark greys and blues to create a dramatic entrance.

Here is some hallway inspiration:

1. A Dramatic Blue Hallway

Painting the walls blue and the floors white can make the room feel wider. Painting the wall at the far end of a long hallway, brings the wall forwards, making it less corridor-like.


Hallway in Slipper Satin and Down Pipe

Hallway in Slipper Satin and Down Pipe

2. Creating Flow through your home

Choosing colours that all have the same tonal weight will help the flow of direction in your home


Walls are painted in Oval Room Blue, Brinjal and Cornforth White

Walls are painted in Oval Room Blue, Brinjal and Cornforth White

3. Light Walls and  Darker Woodwork

To create light and space use the lightest colour on the largest surface area and a darker tone on woodwork

4. Bold Yellow Hallway

By using a brighter colour above the dado rail it makes the room feel brighter


Hallway and Walls in India Yellow by Farrow & Ball

Hallway and Walls in India Yellow

5. Bright Red Hallway

Painting the hallway in all one colour will create the illusion of more space and using a colour like this will also generate a great first impression!



Hallway and walls in Rectory Red


Faye Wharton


Once working in a school, Faye now spends her days immersed in the the world of colour. A fan of the Art Deco era, she currently spends much her spare time renovating her recently bought, old Victorian House - knocking walls down, designing rooms or decorating! The room she spends a considerable amount of time in is the kitchen; preparing food, cooking, eating and socialising!

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