5 ways to totally transform your tree

Christmas is upon us and the urge to buy all new Christmas decorations (so we have an on trend tree!) is overwhelming. Christmas can be an expensive time of the year, without the added cost of scrapping 2015’s gold and silver scheme for the pretty pastel schemes on show in our local department stores. But we have a solution! Below we share our tips for creating that perfect Christmas decoration scheme.

The Essentials

First up, the essentials. These are the roast potatoes and gravy of the Christmas tree – the items you bring out year on year and don’t change. Pair these with any of the following looks for a trendy tree.


These are your staple items, year on year.

Available from:

  1. Argos – £14.99
  2. Wilko – £1.50 each
  3. Debenhams – £6 for set of 40

Golden Christmas

Gold decorations are a classic look. Paired with fairy lights, any gold accessories will make your tree look tasteful and traditional.


Available from:

  1. Wilko – 75p
  2. John Lewis – £7.50 (for 20)
  3. John Lewis – £4 each
  4. John Lewis – £4 each
  5. Wilko – £1.50 each

Festive Glam

Why not go vibrant this year with these jewelled accessories. Make your tree glisten and stand out by pairing an array of colours with the essential fairy lights.



Available from:

  1. Debenhams – £8 for 20
  2. John Lewis – £4.50 each
  3. John Lewis – £4.50 each
  4. John Lewis – £5 each
  5. John Lewis – £6 each

Brilliantly British

Make your tree feel at home this year and decorate with all things British. Combined with the essential white baubles and fairy lights these quintessentially British decorations will give you tree a truly Royal feel.


Available from:

  1. John Lewis – £5 each
  2. John Lewis – £5 each
  3. John Lewis – £5 each
  4. John Lewis – £16 each
  5. John Lewis – £10 each

Winter Woodland

Take your tree back to its roots this Christmas with these nature inspired decorations. Paired with the essential lights and baubles, these rustic decorations create the perfect winter wonderland.


  1. Wilko – 75p each
  2. John Lewis -£4.50 each
  3. Wilko – £1 each
  4. Amazon – £1.76
  5. Wilko – £1

The Personal Touch

Why not make your tree totally bespoke with these personalised decorations for you and your friends and family.



Available from:

  1. Not on the High Street – £3.95 each
  2. John Lewis – £5 each
  3. John Lewis – £3 each
  4. John Lewis £7.95
  5. John Lewis – £5

Header image: meadowsandbyrne.com 

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