6 Colourful Buildings from Around the World

There’s something disheartening for a colour lover when you walk down your average street to be greeted by (what seems to be) endless rows or brick and mortar. Long gone are the days where every house was unique in its construction, colour and architecture; with the rise of the flat pack home making our streets look increasingly identical. However, that’s not to say that if you look hard enough you won’t find bursts of bold colour in stunning architecture around the world. Here we have picked 6 of our favourite colourful buildings to inspire you to create an outside space you love and can be proud of, that doesn’t conform to the norms of modern day design.

Haight Street – San Francisco

Haight Street in San Francisco is a famous stretch of colourful Victorian-style painted ladies houses. Centre of the hippie culture of the 1960’s, this trendy neighbourhood offers upscale boutiques, internet cafes and hip restaurants.

Haight Street 1

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Haight Street 2

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Masonic and haight

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Little India – Singapore 

Little India is a buzzing historical area that shows off the best of Singapore’s Indian community. Little India is one of the most colourful and attractive places to visit in Singapore and offers vibrant culture with incredible shopping spots.

Little India 2

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Little India 3

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Little India 4

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Jellybean Row – Newfoundland, Canada 

Jellybean Row, in the heart of Downtown St. Johns is one of the most colourful cities in Canada. A small city rich in history and distinctive local culture and traditions.

Jellybean Row 1

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Jellybean Row 2

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The Nautilus House – Mexico

Built to resemble what it would be like living in a sea shell under the sea, Nautilus House features a giant wall of rainbow coloured mosaics, which light up a stunning living space.

Mexico 1

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Mexico 2

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Dexia Towers – Brussels 

The third highest skyscraper in Brussels, the Dexia Tower is equipped with 72,000 LED lights which light up the night sky with a barrage of colourful bulbs to give the city’s residents their daily weather forecast.

Brussels 1

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Brussels 2

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Wroclaw – Poland 

This medieval-looking Market Square of the Old Town is where you’ll find a fantastic mix of beautiful coloured buildings in different architectural styles. It’s unique charm and vibrant colours make it one of Poland’s prettiest and most popular tourist destinations.

Poland 1

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Solny square, Wroclaw, Poland

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Chelsea Symes


Currently an undergraduate business and marketing student at Bournemouth University, Chelsea loves all things colourful and creative. Once living in St. Johns, the historical hub of Newfoundland Canada, a city known for their brightly coloured townhouses, she loves to travel and will take any opportunity to see the world that is thrown at her.

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