Week Of Aurora Storms: Our Favourite Pictures

You may have seen in the news this week that a series of vivid aurora displays, or ‘northern lights’ glowed in the middle of the night around the world. The spectacle is caused by the interaction of charged particles which originate from the sun, before hitting the Earth’s outer atmosphere and magnetosphere.

This week, the natural electric phenomenon graced cities around the world, with displays so colourful we thought we’d share a selection of our favourite images.


This picture was taken on Tuesday evening in the United Kingdom – Image Credit: BBC


Magical scenes lit up the skies in Alaska, creating a beautiful glow on the snow kissed terrain. Image Credit: The Guardian


On the other side of the hemisphere, New Zealand’s South Island was treated to a wonderful natural light display. Photo taken by @iangriffin


This empty park in Estonia has an almost ghastly feel to it under the green glow of this weeks aurora. Image Credit: The Guardian

Northern Lights as seen in Germany

A pink glow creates an almost romantic atmosphere on a country lane in Germany. Image Credit: Time


If you think the view from below was amazing. What about the view from above? A nod to St Patrick’s Day, with this photo captured from the International Space Station on March 17th. Picture taken by @NASA

New Zealand

In New Zealand, this harbour glowed like dawn, night and dusk, all at the same time! Photo taken by @YoungAdventures

NewYork KW Photography

This silhouette of a tree in New York has an artistic edge to it. Photo taken by @KWPhoto


This photo was taken in Scotland, and captures some of the storm. Photo taken by @CallanishD


This picture, taken in Sweeden is suggestive of a dancing Aurora in the sky! Photo taken by @AndersJilden

And now for the solar eclipse…





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