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Having lived in Malta for several years, Alvin loves all things bright and all things colourful. A recent graduate, Alvin enjoys taking on a good old weekend DIY challenge; particularly upcycling anything he can get his hands on- from wardrobes to vintage suitcases! He also loves finding nifty little money saving hints and tips which will both brighten and inspire any home!


These Miniature Crayola Sculptures Delicately Carved by Hand are Beyond Impressive

It’s not everyday that you see the tool of an art project turned into the final product itself, but we think this is a perfect example. These Crayola sculptures are painstakingly crafted by Visual Artist Diem Chau, a native Vietnamese who now lives in Seattle. Her work combines this common, wax-based medium with the value of storytelling… read more


Ask The Blogger: Tigerlilly Quinn

Tigerlilly Quinn is a lifestyle blog brought to you by Fritha Strickland; a professional blogger living in Bristol, blogging about all manner of things including family life, fashion, travel and interior design. Fritha recently collaborated with Farrow & Ball to create her very own “city palette” showcasing the colours her beloved Bristol, and we got the opportunity to chat with… read more


5 of the most Colourful Offices from Around the World

There are offices and then there are OFFICES. Here we show some of the most fun and colourful workspaces around, from London to Vietnam! Table-tennis meeting room tables? Check. Slide instead of stairs? Check. Abundant colour? Check! Moo – London Moo, a design company based in London, took the very tool of their trade (colour) and… read more


Interviewing an Emoji Artist…

So, today is World Emoji Day, a colourful celebration of all things pictorial! The BBC interviewed Yung Jake; a rapper and possibly one of the first ever Emoji artists. Here is some of his alternative artwork, and considering his median is emoji, this is beyond impressive! Can you guess these personalities below?   Their interview… read more

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