Blooming colour or Blooming Creativity Outside?

Now that spring has finally arrived and the garden begins to bloom, my thoughts turn to all things outside the home as I start to spend more time in my garden.

An easy way to refresh and liven up your tired outdoor furniture is to add a splash of colour by painting flower pots, old benches, garages, front doors, summerhouses and bird-boxes.

Painted decking furniture

Painted decking furniture – Brassica Exterior Eggshell by Farrow & Ball

I like to use colours that complement the garden theme; dark greens and blues i think are always popular garden shades. Softer multi-tonal blues and greens have a very calming feel and make me feel relaxed.

Bright and bolder colours like oranges, reds and yellows really have a summery feel and i think are more popular as people look to add colour to their garden all year round.

I love to get imaginative by painting garden furniture, or creating art in the garden by painting garden tools making them an unusual decorative feature but also fairly easy to paint!

Faye Wharton


Once working in a school, Faye now spends her days immersed in the the world of colour. A fan of the Art Deco era, she currently spends much her spare time renovating her recently bought, old Victorian House - knocking walls down, designing rooms or decorating! The room she spends a considerable amount of time in is the kitchen; preparing food, cooking, eating and socialising!

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