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Cooking up a colour!

The kitchen is the heart of many homes and the hub of  family life. It’s the room I spend a considerable amount of time in; preparing food, cooking, eating and socialising, so it’s important that i really enjoy being there. Therefore it’s the perfect place to introduce colour, whether it’s a soft tone or a bold statement.

Looking at what colours to use, green hues are always popular as they help to bring some of nature back in to the home, especially as I have a kitchen that looks out to a garden. Greens with a greyish tint could be used on your cupboards to complement a neutral shade on the wall, or you could do the same using tiles. These colours have calming feel and easy to live with.

Beautiful Green Kitchen

Beautiful Green Kitchen | Image from House To Home

For those of us that are seeking some real excitement and feeling brave, why not try a brighter or bolder colour. A sunny yellow provides a wonderful injection of colour into a kitchen, whether it’s used on walls, accessories or furniture.

An injection of colour with a bold yellow | Image from Better Homes & Gardens

If you already love your kitchen like I do but want to refresh the space, you could paint your cabinets a different colour, it’s a really simple way to update your kitchen and will also help to keep it looking fresh and new. There are different ways to do this depending on the final look you are trying to achieve. If you want the cabinets to become the focal point of the space choose richer colours like deep reds, grays or blues. These strong tones, particularly if used on lower level cabinets, will really ground the space and make everything above them seem lighter. You can also make the space seem larger by painting cabinets a softer shade, layering neutrals and blending with the walls giving little contrast but adding interest to an otherwise white space.

Faye Wharton


Once working in a school, Faye now spends her days immersed in the the world of colour. A fan of the Art Deco era, she currently spends much her spare time renovating her recently bought, old Victorian House - knocking walls down, designing rooms or decorating! The room she spends a considerable amount of time in is the kitchen; preparing food, cooking, eating and socialising!

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