Wardrobe Snacks

Palette Inspo: the mouth-watering colour of Wardrobe Snacks

Looking for some colour palette inspiration that literally looks good enough to eat? May we direct you to Wardrobe Snacks, a photographic series by rising star, photographer Kelsey McClellan. San Francisco resident McClellan photographs lots of food, among other things, but her recent project, undertaken with regular collaborator stylist Michelle Maguire, really takes the –… read more


Supertrend – the wall rug

So, you thought rugs were for putting on your floor to cover up the draughty bits between your beautiful floorboards? Or maybe you imagined rugs reach their most decorative when used to add colour and pattern underfoot. News just in… rugs are also for hanging on your walls. Enter the wall rug. In truth this is old news if… read more

The Chromologist 2017 | Farrow & Ball

The Chromologist