The irrepressible rise of the black house – a journey through Britain’s finest

Something has been happening in Britain’s residential architecture scene… and that something is the colour black. You may have spotted it while searching for ‘contemporary holiday home’ and found yourself looking at cute black buildings in locations as far ranging as the Isle of Skye to the moors of mid-Wales. Or maybe you’re familiar with (arguably) the UK’s most densely populated area… read more

San Francisco Instagram

Snapped: The Hot Colours of San Francisco Houses

It’s a city addicted to summer… or so you’d think from following the Instagram account @home_schooling, which documents the wonderfully vibrant colour combinations on the homes and buildings of San Francisco. Run by photographer Kristen Simar, the account is a place for her to document the historical neighbourhoods of the city, where ‘no two houses are the same.’… read more


Be Inspired by These Stunning Rooms with a View

Our everyday surroundings are factors which can affect the choices we make when deciding to redecorate. The reason is simple, our surroundings are key to making the right colour choices. Colour is affected by light, and this in turn is affected by our surroundings. Take a look at these stunning scenes below and the colours we have matched to… read more


Discover Longyearbyen, the Northermnost City in the World

Situated in the heart of the Arctic Ocean halfway between Norway and the North Pole, lies Longyearbyen on the isle of Svalbard. A majestic archipelago full of stunning landscapes and dramatic scenery, this Scandinavian bliss is the northernmost city in the world. Famed for being home to more polar bears to inhabitants, this unique town… read more


Colour Palettes: Bright Lights in the Big City

Recently we took a look at nature inspired colour schemes for your home – exploring how blues can be picked from scenes such as stormy skies or misty lakes to create an atmospheric look and feel. But it’s not just nature that we can draw inspiration from – our man made surroundings can lend themselves… read more

Abandoned theatre

The Eerie Beauty of America’s Abandoned Places

“A parallel universe of silence, rust, and peeling paint.” That is how photographer Matthew Christopher describes the empty theatres, factories, schools and hospitals he has spent years documenting. Based in Philadelphia, his project began ten years ago when be set out to document the decline of the US hospital system. Today his empty, eerie and often… read more

The Chromologist 2017 | Farrow & Ball

The Chromologist