Colour Palettes: Bright Lights in the Big City

Recently we took a look at nature inspired colour schemes for your home – exploring how blues can be picked from scenes such as stormy skies or misty lakes to create an atmospheric look and feel. But it’s not just nature that we can draw inspiration from – our man made surroundings can lend themselves… read more

Abandoned theatre

The Eerie Beauty of America’s Abandoned Places

“A parallel universe of silence, rust, and peeling paint.” That is how photographer Matthew Christopher describes the empty theatres, factories, schools and hospitals he has spent years documenting. Based in Philadelphia, his project began ten years ago when be set out to document the decline of the US hospital system. Today his empty, eerie and often… read more


Colours of my week: LA scenes captured by print designer and branding guru Gail Bryson

We know that inspiration is all around us and can often be found in the most unlikely places. Colours of My Week attempts to capture this spirit by showing a glimpse of the colourful lives that people lead… The following seven days were snapped by London designer Gail Bryson on her Instagram, while she was on a work trip to LA. Gail… read more

The Chromologist 2017 | Farrow & Ball

The Chromologist