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Not quite 50 Shades of Blue, but a new exhibition seeks to explore the mystery and meaning of this most soothing yet stimulating colour. Photographer Andrea Hamilton is hosting an exhibition called The Blue Edition at her studio in south west London, featuring the work of nine female artists who are looking at the hue from a variety on angles. The exhibition has been put together by curator Nico Kos Earle, and covers seemingly disparate subject matter as sea and sky and the blue of the computer screen, all connected by this most elusive and tantalising of colours.

Andrea Hamilton

Blue Lagoon (detail), Iceland 2013 by Andrea Hamilton

Hamilton herself is no stranger to this sort of colour exploration, her photography work often focusing on the infinite varieties of blue found in the natural world. Her 2013 image Blue Lagoon (detail), Iceland 2013 captures the uncanny sight of exposed pink flesh bathing in Iceland’s famous spa pool, while a more recent series documents glacial ice in Alaska. The ice, luminous with blue, looks both intimidatingly huge and worryingly fragile in her images.

Andrea Hamilton

Luminous Icescapes Alaska no3, Andrea Hamilton

Hamilton’s dedication to exploring notions of colour and time in the natural world is also very much in evidence in her 25-year project Colour of Time. This enquiry has seen her take over 16,000 images of the sea and horizon, examining the endlessly changing colours within even the narrowest of photographic perimeters. The Blue Edition offers a fascinating opportunity to see some of her work alongside eight others, and is a much for any devotee of the blues.

Andrea Hamilton

Luminous Icescapes no5, Andrea Hamilton

The Blue Edition runs until December 12, 2016 at Andrea Hamilton Studio, 68 Kinnerton Street, London SW1

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