Summer trend: Top 10 Kitsch Pool floats

Time to get your Jeff Koons on. The main summer accessory being employed by the great and the good of pool culture in the world’s swankiest hotels and clubs? A really great pool float. And by great we mean super kitsch. Taylor Swift, Alexa Chung, Kendall Jenner, Rhianna… they’ve all been photographed cuddling an inflatable swan or folded elegantly – or not so much – into a giant pink inflatable donut with sprinkles on it. Colour-lovers, we declare this trend open to all – you can be 3 or 73, hipster or not – and there’s a lot of choice out there for you to really deliberate over your pool inflatable of choice. Before we present to you our Top Ten Pool Floats first let’s set the scene with the dream pool – a geometric affair in Miami (obviously) by Brazilian designer Isay Weinfeld. Sigh.

Shore-Club_hotel_ Miami_Isay-Weinfield_The Chromologist

Dream geometric swimming pool at Miami’s Shore Hotel. Image from Dezeen

The Birds

Google ‘in an inflatable swan’ and you’ll be amazed by how many famous bodies have spent time hanging out on one of these birds. Click on the links to find out where to buy our favourite three.

Pink Flamingo Pool float | Kitsch Pool Float trend | The Chromologist

In the best of all the pinks we’ve found, this baby pink flamingo is from Asos.

Swan Pool Floats | Kitsch Pool Float trend | The Chromologist

Almost cool – no, come on they are still totally kitsch – black and white swans from Urban Outfitters.

Unicorn-pool-float | Kitsch Pool Float trend | The Chromologist

Straight out of Greek Mythology – kitsch and high brow?! – Pegasus from Fun Boy.

Sea Creatures

These floats really are exactly like the ones from Jeff Koons’ Popeye exhibition, which showed at The Serpentine Gallery back in 2009. The artist’s amazing giant inflatable beach toys were actually made from cast aluminium then intricately painted and the exhibition is memorable for the shifty atmosphere created by every visitor trying to cop a feel of the art over the ‘do not touch’ signs.
Lobster pool float | Kitsch Pool Float trend | The Chromologist

Ok maybe you do have to be three-years-old for this Inflatable Lobster from Amazon.

Turtle Pool Float | Kitsch Pool Float trend | The Chromologist

Similarly, the Sea Turtle from Amazon.

Incredible Edibles

Possibly the kitschiest collection in our round up of inflatables, these pool toys are mostly about junk food favourites and summer fruits…

Strawberry Donut Pool Float Kitsch Pool Float trend | The Chromologist

The bite is the best bit about this giant pink Donut from Find Me A Gift.

Pineapple Pool Float | Kitsch Pool Float trend | The Chromologist

Pineapples, already the most kitsch and cool fruit-theme in interiors, so ideal for pools too. From Urban Outfitters.


The fact that this giant ice lolly is from Toys R Us might put the adult buyer off getting this for themselves and yet the length is highly practical for the longer individual to use it as a lilo.

Pretzel Pool Float | Kitsch Pool Float trend | The Chromologist

The very existence of the giant pretzel from Urban Outfitters took us by surprise (we drew the line at the pizza slice).

Watermelon pool float | Kitsch Pool Float trend | The Chromologist

A watermelon, from Urban Outfitters that’s harder to carry than Baby’s and yet, much like all of these pool floats, is also very useful for that first day of your holiday in the bikini when you feel like hiding a bit as you make your first journey to the water.

Image used to in the headline from Urban Outfitters.

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