Take the Roald Dahl Quotes Quiz for #RoaldDahlDay

It’s Roald Dahl Day and what better way to celebrate the best children’s author in the world, than taking a look at a selection of our favourite quotes!

See if you can guess the story from which each quote is taken…

The #RoaldDahlDay quiz – how much do you really love Roal Dahl?

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The Chromologist


The Chromologist is a colour whisperer. He understands and knows them better than they know themselves, translating their pleas to be used beautifully for humankind. It's unknown from whence he came. Some say the fraction of space between a prism and a spectrum, others say he toiled in the fabled colour mines of Svalbard for years untold, deep underground, speaking only to the reds and blues, cerises and aquas, bronze and golds...

The Chromologist 2018 | Farrow & Ball

The Chromologist