4 Incredible Motorhomes

We gathered together some of the most impressive, complete motor vehicle conversions we have seen. To think that most of these motor homes are also road-worthy is another feat in itself. Electricity, running hot water, and insulation are no obstacle for these upcylcing projects. The Environmentally Friendly Weaver Bus   This converted 1979 school bus… read more


16 Green Rooms to Steal Ideas From

Green, according to colour experts, promotes peace and harmony. This is good news if you’ve just painted your bedroom green (I have just painted my bedroom green). It also symbolises luxury as is demonstrated rather nicely in our collection of 16 rooms below, particularly the impressive country piles filed under Historical Greens. In Feng Shui green represents the wood… read more


Six Nature Inspired Colour Palettes for Your Home

Inspiration can come from a variety of sources when thinking about colour palettes. It can be a magazine article, something in a shop or the holy grail of interior inspiration – Pinterest. Sometimes a single image can be used as foundation for décor. It give s clear view of how the colours work together, without… read more

British Museum

Colours of… Indigenous Art

Today we take a sideways, chromatic look at two exhibitions on opposite sides of the Atlantic that are currently examining the art, culture and experience of two indigenous cultures from two very different continents. Above: Pukara, Roy Underwood, Lennard Walker, Simon Hogan and Ian Rictor, Acrylic on canvas, Western Australia, 2013. © the artists, courtesy… read more

The Chromologist 2018 | Farrow & Ball

The Chromologist