Windows by Design: Farrow & Ball for DIFFA

This winter, Farrow & Ball teamed up with DIFFA, the Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS, and 14 esteemed interior designers for the first ever Windows by Design: Farrow & Ball for DIFFA campaign. The partnership engaged the local design community throughout the US, while raising awareness against HIV/AIDS.

Each designer was challenged with incorporating the latest wallpapers and paint colours fromFarrow & Ball and the overarching theme – Cure and Comfort – into their large scale vignette. The windows were revealed in North American Farrow & Ball showrooms on World AIDS Day and will be on display until January 31st.

Take a peek into all 14 of the window designs, and read a word from each designer about the inspiration for their design.

Flatiron, New York by Antonino Buzzetta Design

“I wanted to create something that l believe mimics how a lot of people are feeling at the moment; messy, erratic, and frantic. We can all use, especially now, some peace, love, and kindness.”


Pasadena, California by Avril Martin of The Silver Lining

“I thought first and foremost what I turn to for ‘Cure and Comfort’.  Besides a beautiful space that is inviting, I turn to things like my spirituality, meditation, being in nature and having crystals in my home.  I wanted this represented in the final design.”


D&D Building in New York by Drake / Anderson

“Our window limns a setting for the process of creative expression and celebrates the extraordinary work of DIFFA. Artistic expression, for the artist and viewer the same, is therapeutic and comforting. The drop cloths, splattered with various Farrow & Ball hues of blue, symbolise this creative expression and the comfort it provides. We chose various tints and shades of blue paint and blue wallpapers from Farrow & Ball, as these colours create a sense of calm. A symbol of courage and determination, hummingbirds are formed from Farrow & Ball wallpapers and dynamically fly out of paint cans. This symbolises DIFFA and their tireless effort and extraordinary progress in battling misinformation and prejudice against HIV and AIDS.”


Upper West Side, New York by Alexander Doherty Design

“’Twas the night before Christmas and the artist’s studio is awash in a blaze of colour. Ranging from the traditional reds and greens of the season, as captured on the wall blocks, to the array of presents feverishly being wrapped, the room exudes the spirit of the season and the role colour plays in our life. The painting on the wall, a Russian constructionist piece, repeats the theme with its many blocks of colour. The lamp is by Andrea Koeppel and the desk chair is a mid-century piece by Milo Baughman. The wooden mannequin is a life-sized artist’s model.”


Greenwich, Connecticut by Carmiña Roth Interiors

“The centrepiece of my vignette is the heart, the proverbial heart of the home, whose flames also symbolise passion. Above it hangs a photograph by William Rolf of a polar bear, an animal known for its strength and ferocity and endurance. I chose this image, with the long, powerful legs of the polar bear stretching forward, because it feels like a symbol of reaching for a cure for the disease.”


Westport, Connecticut by Connie Cooper

“When I was given the opportunity to create a window vignette for Farrow & Ball for DIFFA, I thought about all the wonderful people in the world working so hard to find a cure for those suffering with AIDS.  My goal was to create a display that would honour the medical professionals offering both cure and comfort to those in need, while highlighting the beautiful products produced by Farrow & Ball.  I was able to find an antique Doctor’s Bag that was filled with all sorts of vintage medical tools and apparatus from 1948.  My space is presented as the personal office of a doctor who travels the world helping those with AIDS.”


Orange County, California by Elisabeth Soto D’Angelo, ZERAE Design

“The red hanging ribbons are showcasing the cure for AIDS, while the mural in the back shows us the virus still spreading. The Christmas tree cones made using Farrow & Ball’s Lattice, Tourbillon and Peony wallpapers, give the design a winter wonderland feel, while the Off-Black reindeer represents the HIV-infected person, who stands out among all the brightness surrounding him to bring him comfort.”


Boston, Massachusetts by Kristin Paton Interiors

“In conjunction with Farrow & Ball, Kristin Paton Interiors wanted to shine a light on World Aids Day with a message of hope, love and the wish for a cure. We started by adding neon lettering to a backdrop that we had painted in graphic stripes using Pitch Black and All White paint. We then incorporated a grouping of paper cranes that we hand-crafted out of various Farrow & Ball wallpapers. The paper cranes were inspired by an ancient Japanese legend, which asserts that origami paper cranes have the power to grant a wish and bestow good fortune and healing powers upon those in their presence.”


Paramus, New Jersey by Michael Herold Designs

“A shimmering symbol of Hope, raising HIV/AIDS awareness and bringing comfort to all on World AIDS Day and throughout the holiday season.”


Los Angeles, California by MLK Studio

“The white elephant symbolises something that is troublesome, costly to maintain, and not easy to get rid of – just like AIDS. It is a possession that is unwanted by its owner. However, one takes comfort in knowing that elephants, in general, are also symbols of strength, wisdom, family loyalty, intelligence and luck.”


Upper East Side, New York by Patrick Mele

“My window installation on the Upper East Side of Manhattan is comprised of hundreds of various sized paint brushes that have been dipped in Farrow & Ball’s Rectory Red, each were hung in rhythmic order, creating a transparent curtain wall from the street through to the shop interior. These brushes are meant to simultaneously symbolise the countless fallen artists, designers and creators we’ve already lost to HIV/AIDS, as well as the hope of a story that is not yet over – that creation and life continue. I’d like to pay special acknowledgement to my collaborators – Corey Grant Tippin and Kim Nelson, two friends, who have lived, created and who’ve brought a whole lot of beauty into this world.”


Washington, D.C. by Raji Radhakrishnan

“I was actually inspired by the possibility of playing with paint and paper, and for such a good cause. I’ve always dabbled with paint, since I was a kid and am forever inspired by art, of course. So, I treated Farrow & Ball’s Gable wallpaper as a canvas and did a simple “drip” paint work over it, using the seven colours of the VIBGYOR spectrum as a homage to DIFFA. Eventually, I selected artsy pieces in cheery colours like the red Gaetano Pesce vase on the white pedestal, a gold “tooth” sculptural stool to put a smile on the passerby’s face and covered the floor with several bundles of soft yarn to complete the vignette!”


Chicago, Illinois by Tom Stringer Design Partners

“In the winter season, nothing evokes comfort more than curling up with a nice warm blanket, gazing at the snow-dusted trees. To reflect this year’s theme of Cure and Comfort, we created a quilt featuring a patchwork design of Farrow & Ball’s new wallpaper collection and paints. Quilts bring to memory holiday traditions, the love of family, and the warmth of the season. The whimsical doves remind us of the sense of peacefulness and hope.”


Berkeley, California by Julie Lloyd of Clive Christian Interiors

“I have always known our quality of life is greatly improved through connection with terrific art, architecture and design, so decided to include all of these elements within our window. When designing for DIFFA, within the theme of Cure and Comfort, I felt at times like these we naturally gravitate towards simpler times, towards home, community, mother and childhood. I used Farrow & Ball’s Feather Grass wallpaper, inspired by the charming Dorset countryside, to create the perfect backdrop to this rural scene. Clive Christian’s Manor House Fireplace symbolises both comfort of the fireside and home along with the power of great, classical architectural design. For myself, of course, it also takes me home to England to my childhood and the sustenance of quiet days by the fireside. Painting the fireplace boldly in Farrow & Ball’s Incarnadine respectfully nods to the support of World Aids Day.”

julie lloyd

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