The 10 Most Colourful Places to Instagram in New York This Winter

When the winter months start drifting in, it becomes so easy to feel dark and dreary. Gone are Sunday afternoons filled with breezy walks in the park and the picturesque Instagram moments that come along with it.

As an alternative to spending your winter chasing the fading light of the winter sun, brighten up your Instagram feed, and your spirit, at a few of the most colourful places to visit in New York.

1. The Bagel Store

Although the classic New York bagel has always been considered an art form, The Bagel Store takes the craft to a new extreme.


2. Pietro Nolita

Pink is a colour that evokes feelings of love and happiness. Since Italian restaurant Pietro Nolita is drenched in rosy hues, even down to the menu, we guarantee it will brighten you right up.

My kind of place, pink for days. ? #daheats

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3. Taiyaki NYC

Fried fish isn’t typically something that would inspire your creative side. However, when Taiyaki NYC serves their colourful soft serve up in a fish-shaped waffle cone, everyone becomes a photographer.  


4. House of YES

Brooklyn’s best event venue ,The House of YES. is the perfect backdrop for your next selfie with their rhinestone covered bathrooms. The parties are almost as outlandish as the decor.

@balenciaga shoe-ception

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5. Amika: Styleblow

Great hair doesn’t happen by chance, and neither do great Instagram feeds. Stopping by Styleblow in Williamsburg is sure to awaken your inner Queen. 

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6. Manilla Social Club

Manilla Social Club might induce feelings of boredom and dull file folders; however, the menu is anything but lackluster. Bright purple Filipino yam is used as a frequent ingredient, and all of the dishes are served up with just the right pop of colour.


7. Union Square Farmers Market

Vibrant chili peppers from the Union Square Farmers Market are not only ready to spice up your dinner, but also your social media presence.

???? #farmersmarket #veg #colour #nature #iwanttoeatthat

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8. Lupe’s

Bringing a touch of the west coast to the east, Lupe’s Kitchen illuminates the streets of Soho with bold colour palette and an equally bold taste palate to match.


9. Museum of Ice Cream 

The newest dessert of the Meatpacking district, The Museum of Ice Cream, is just as likeable as it is lickable.

Take a dip in the sprinkles pool??? #realness

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10. Jodamo International 

Don’t let the blush outer surface of the building fool you, Jodamo International holds three floors of masculine and luxurious menswear.

Pantone 13-1520

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What are your favourite colourful places to visit in New York City? Drop us a note in the comments section below!

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