16 Green Rooms to Steal Ideas From

Green, according to colour experts, promotes peace and harmony. This is good news if you’ve just painted your bedroom green (I have just painted my bedroom green). It also symbolises luxury as is demonstrated rather nicely in our collection of 16 rooms below, particularly the impressive country piles filed under Historical Greens.

In Feng Shui green represents the wood element and relates to growth and activity. Here at The Chromologist? It’s just a colour we’re into and feel is hot on the design scene right now. So without further faffing lets see what king of ideas we can grab from these great looking green rooms.

Historical green

1 IrisApfel-house&garden | The Chromologist

Iris Apfel, from House and Garden

2. DianaMinevra | Harewood HOuse | The Chromologist

Harewood House, Yorkshire

Chatsworth | Green bedroom | The Chromologist

Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

4. Headfort House Ireland|Green rooms| The chromologist

Headfort House, Ireland

Flock wallpaper, chinoiserie, ceilings toned to match the walls and heavy, heavy drapes. Just a few of the takeaway tips from the homes at the more period – and grand – area of our green journey. Honestly, we’re not sure what kind of room Iris Apfel is standing in, but she is neatly demonstrating how traditional green flock wallpaper looks good with a variety of hot (red) and cool (blue) accent colours – also seen in Harewood House. Meanwhile, Headfort House in Ireland, which is currently occupied by a school, makes it look quite easy to use a bright green – wonder how it effects the learning? We’d advise applying this sort of shade either to a huge and bright room much like Headfort’s, or else a tiny cloakroom where you can have a bit of fun. It’s bold is the thing.

Green as a contemporary wall finish

9. Green walls | Gubi | The Chromologist

Image from Gubi

10. Green walls | OCHRE | The Chromologist

Image from Ochre

11. Green walls | Tessella and Green Smoke Farrow & Ball | The Chromologist

Image from Farrow & Ball

12. Green accents | Gubi | The Chromologist

Image from Gubi

Mostly, these rooms feature softer, more muted greens so that’s a start to decoding the composition of these modern rooms. Another trick to steal is blending a few different greens together, as seen in the top image from furniture brand Gubi. Try picking out a dado rail, door, skirting or ceiling in a slightly different green – Farrow & Ball has used three quite different shades above tying the room together with a similar lilac accent on each of the different surfaces. Pink and red are also colours that look particularly rich and elegant with these kind of green tones.

Green used in unexpected ways

5. Green ceiling | Green rooms | The Chromologist

Image from Rolf Benz

6. Green stairs | Farrow&Ball | The Chromologist

Image from Farrow & Ball

7. Green floor | Made a mano | The Chromologist

Image from Made a Mano

Take an off-kilter approach and apply green to a more unexpected surface – stair treads, ceilings, floors all apply. This is about turning green into the statement-making feature of a room, so think about what your putting with it. In the rooms above, white is the contrast tone because it allows the green to stand out so well, but you could also consider black or soft light brown shades (e.g. Elephant’s Breath) as your contrasting neutral.

Green as an accent

13. Green accents | House & Garden house | The chromologist

Image from House and Garden

14. Green accents | Muuto | The Chromologist

Image from Muuto

15. Green accents | Muuto | The Chromologist

Image from Muuto

16. Green accents | Pinch | The Chromologist

Image from Pinch

8. Green floor | e15 | The Chromologist.jpg

Image from e15

This is simple. Accessorise with green. Add it with a chair, table, cabinet, rug or lamp, even crockery or a vase. The common theme to all of the images we’ve selected is that green is still the standout colour, which you can achieve either through size of piece, vibrancy of green or amount of accessories added.

Jill Macnair


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