Celebrated interior designer, Alex Papachristidis, is best known for his usage of strong colour and layering bold patterns, but swapped his typical jewel tones for whites and cream colours for the 44th annual Kips Bay Decorator Show House, located at the Carlton House Townhouse.

We sat down with Alex to learn more about his exquisite dining room, filled with 18th-century antique furniture and custom, hand-painted wallpaper.


What was the source of inspiration for your Kips Bay Show House room?

I began with the fabrics. My biggest projects have always used creams, whites and greys.  I felt that was what felt very current.  I went to Cowtan & Tout and used all their Larsen fabrics in the room.


What was the most used colour in your Kips Bay design?

White/off-white, grey, gold and silvers.


Describe your personal style. Did your Kips Bay space embody your signature style, or was it a departure?

My room used all of my favorite artisans.  I used 18th Century furniture with contemporary artisans such as Eve Kaplan and Lalanne, and Nancy Lorenz. The personal departure was that I used very little colour, except for a burst of plum.


What’s your all-time favourite Farrow & Ball hue?

Pavilion Blue.

Describe your favorite trend at the Kips Bay Show House this year?

Luxury and glamour, which I always incorporate into my own interiors.  There was also a lot of creativity this year.


What is the most challenging part of being part of a Show House?

The time frame. You have only 6 weeks to do everything, custom make all these couture and one-of-a kind items for the room.  The room exemplifies what I do.

What is the most rewarding part of being part of a Show House?

Having people come through your room and love it. They get to experience the room in real life. Most importantly, it benefits the children of Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club because it raises a lot of money for a great cause.


What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Have my organic coffee and post my daily Instagram.



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