4 Top Tips for bringing colour into your Living Room

Clean and minimalist living rooms have their place and can certainly give a modern, spacious feel. For some though, this may feel a little too stark and so the use of pastels and colour may feel a little easier to live with.

The following are four ways you can begin to introduce colour to your living room:

1. Before committing to colour, consider the amount and direction of light in the room as well as the architecture, purpose and shape of the space you are decorating.

Contemporary Blue and White Living Room

Contemporary Blue and White Living Room

2. Living Rooms are the perfect space to relax and unwind after a hard day. Warm colours, such as, yellows, blues or even deep reds will help to create a cosy Living Room. However, if you wanted a more neutral scheme then try pairing warm neutrals with easy greys.

Red living room

Yellow living room

3. A marvellous way to create light and space is to use the lightest colour on the largest surface area, such as the walls, and a darker tone on the woodwork. For a fresh look, why not try paring soft colours like Pale blues and purples with darker shades of green and purple.

4. The use of a darker colour on the skirting boards, not only makes the walls appear lighter in contrast, but also creates a strong contemporary aesthetic, making everything above feel elongated and lighter in contrast.


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