4 ways to revamp your outside space this spring

With spring upon us it’s time to give our outside spaces some love and attention, so they are beautiful and vibrant for the summer BBQ months. Here’s four simple ways to make your balcony, garden or courtyard shine again.

Get Planting…

You’ll be itching to add life and colour to your pots, planters and beds, but don’t rush into things. Prepare first – turn soil over, empty planters and pots and refill with new compost, prune, remove weeds and give things a general tidy. Once things are looking a little fresher you can start thinking about colour. Bedding plants are a great place to start and give an instant lift to baskets, beds and pots. Annuals such as Petunias, Geraniums, Begonias and Busy Lizzie’s are a great place to start. Add heavily scented Lavender and Jasmine for a sensory addition.

Oh and don’t forget summer-flowering bulbs! Plant these now and you’ll thank us during the summer months when the Freesias and Alliums are adding a new pop of colour to your outside space.

Petunia’s and Lobelia’s work wonderfully together (Image: Pinterest)

A lick of paint…

Applying a fresh coat of paint to fences and furniture will make your garden feel as good as new.

Archived Farrow & Ball colour Monkey Puzzle works brilliantly as a backdrop for pretty blooms.

This bench has been updated with Farrow & Ball’s Charlotte’s Locks

Add accessories…

Once the blooms and foliage have been taken care of you can then turn your attention to adding those extra bits of pizzazz! Add life and character to your outdoor space with coloured plant pots, soft furnishings and decorative items to create the ultimate outdoor living area.

Farrow & Ball Exterior Eggshell colours from left to right: Shaded White, James White, Brassica, Stone Blue, All White, Down Pipe and Dix Blue table

Pair matt finished pots with copper accessories like this Nuelle Copper Plant Pot from Anthropologie.

Create a sumptuous and relaxed atmosphere with this cloud-like vintage lounger cushion from Cox and Cox.

Apply a geometric pattern to traditional terracotta pots for a modern look. Here we’ve used Down Pipe by Farrow & Ball

Brighten garden furniture with pops of colour from outdoor cushions from West Elm

Delicate additions like these Laced Birdhouses from Anthropologie add interest and will have the wildlife flocking!

Candles and decorative lighting add atmosphere to an outdoor space at night. These geometric brass lanterns from NKUKU on Not on the Highstreet are perfect and wouldn’t look out of place indoors during the winter months.

Time to get crafty…

We are never ones to shy away from the opportunity to breath new life into a much-loved item of furniture, and the spring and summer months (British weather permitting!) offer sunny days and longer evenings that are perfect for an upcycle project (or two). From colanders to pallets, here are some of our favourite crafty projects that are perfect for your outdoor space.

We adore MiaFleur’s colander hanging basket idea. Click here for the must have tutorial.

A pallet do-over is essential for anyone short of space. A step by step guide can be found here. (Image: Hometalk)

Discover how to take that dress outdoors with Eclectically Vintage’s simple tutorial.

Get crate-ive and make an on trend crate herb garden with Caitlin from Sacramento Street‘s simple step by step guide.

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