5 Alternatives to the Houseplant Trend

The trend for houseplants in 2015 is here! And, as we look to escape from our increasingly hectic modern lives, with all the gadgets and hard-edges, we will also look towards our natural surroundings for comfort and desire to bring a piece of the outside world inside.

However, if you are as unlucky as I am at managing to keep a houseplant alive for more than a few weeks, then you might want to consider your options! If for whatever reason, houseplants just aren’t for you, here are five great alternatives that will help you achieve the same relaxing effect.


1. Leafy Prints

Lush, leafy green prints are a great way of making a bold statement while adding a sense of calm to a room.


By THRONEupholstery £914.54

2. Big, Bold & Bright Florals

Bright florals like the increasingly popular patterns of  Bluebellgray are great for injecting colour into a neutral room. These cushions are incredibly eye-catching and great if you want to make your sofa, armchair or bed a feature point.


Untitled 3 by Bluebellgray £70.00


Hamish by Bluebellgray £110.00


3. Botanical Prints

Botanical prints are another great way of bringing the outside in without the hassle of having to keep anything alive! Here a large-scale botanical print has simply been propped against a desk to give a calming natural background to a workspace.


4. Pressed Flowers

If you fancy a do-it-yourself project for the New Year, why not wait until the spring and press some flowers from your garden, place in an old photo frame and hang on the wall. Or, if your feeling a little more adventurous, try pressing an array of flowers in a window frame to create a unique piece of art full of different colours and textures.

7-3-10 bot jew 002

Do-it-yourself pressed flower windowpane by commonground-do.com

5. Quirky Light bulb Garden

Finally, if you like the idea of having an actual plant in your home, why not try this idea of creating a quirky mini bottle garden out of an old light bulb?!



Image by Juliette Melton on 1800recycling.com





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