5 Bold Colours to Brighten Up Your Home

If you’re anything like us, the winter blues are really beginning to kick in right about now. The early evenings, cold, wintry nights and adverse weather conditions all total up to a colour lovers worst nightmare! But there may be a solution for the colour brave; the people willing to experiment with the bolder colours on a colour card and inject a much needed dose of colour into their home. Here are 5 ways to bring the colours of Summer into your home at Winter:

Summer Skies


St Giles Blue By Farrow & Ball
Trim in Vert De Terre by Farrow & Ball

There’s nothing that can make you smile more than waking up to bright blue skies. Unfortunately, around this time of year, such blue skies are pretty hard to come by. So why not paint your very own blue sky to brighten up every morning? A perfect colour to use in a bedroom, greeting you every morning, rain or shine. In the above image, St Giles Blue is paired with Vert De Terre, a lovely blue- green combination reminiscent of those wonderful summertime country walks.

Sunshine Rays


Yellowcake by Farrow & Ball
Trim in Purbeck Stone by Farrow & Ball

Not for the fainthearted; Yellowcake is one of those colours that screams colour. To us, it represents that lovely British sunshine which peaks around mid day, and we find it difficult not to smile when faced with this warming hue. If splashing this colour is a little bit out of your comfort zone, why not use it to line the inside of your wardrobe and/or dresser to give you its colourful glow when you want it!

Deep Blue Seas


Stiffkey Blue by Farrow & Ball
Trim in Brassica by Farrow & Ball

So at first glance this colour may seem quite dark, but it has a depth to it which to us symbolises the ocean. The colour took inspiration from the Norfolk beach and we feel that whilst the colour is quite dark and dramatic, it also has that glow to it which could take us on a journey to that beautiful cruise, or beach holiday in the south of France. It also feels rather contemporary and would make an excellent colour on any front door.

Seasonal food


Above: Brinjal by Farrow & Ball
Below: Strong White by Farrow & Ball

If you’re a foodie like us; some of the best colour inspiration can come from seasonal fruit and vegetables available in the summer months. Take for example Brinjal, which has taken its inspiration from the colour of Aubergines or Eggplant. This colour is bold and elegant simultaneously; it has that uplifting charm to it which reminds us of summer nights spent around the fire with family and friends, while the vegetable skewers char grill on the BBQ,

Evening Dusk


Charlotte’s Locks by Farrow & Ball
Trim in All White by Farrow & Ball

One of our favourite things about summer is the sunset; those sun kissed orange skies, slowly fading into a dark red evening glow. This is why we love this Charlotte’s Locks. It’s a perfect colour to use on a contemporary chimney breast. You can just imagine how beautiful this would look with a log burning fire glowing up before a Charlotte’s Locks painted chimney breast. Even just imagining the setting is making us smile.

Who knows… we may end up adding to this list after Farrow & Ball launch their new colours in 7 days time. You can order your free colour card and inspiration booklet by completing the form here.

The Chromologist


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