5 Completely Relaxing Bedroom Colours

We spend around a third of our life asleep, so having somewhere that is comfortable and relaxing is extremely important for getting a good night’s sleep. Your bedroom colours can make a huge difference to the ‘feel’ of the room. Yellow is supposed to induce positivity, whilst red is the colour of passion! If you want to wind down quickly en-route to a good slumber, then try a scheme using calming pastels and more neutral colours on walls and furnishings in your bedroom.

Here we have five completely relaxing bedroom colours for decoration inspiration!

1. Soft Grey & Flowers

Soft grey paired with the white woodwork and ceiling here makes for a contemporary feel. The painted tree brings a touch of nature to the room and the lampshade injects crinkled quirkiness.

Relaxing Bedrooms

Bedroom wall in Lamp Room Gray

2. Subtle Hues

This neutral is actually a white – Old White by Farrow & Ball. The contrast against the white lampshades and coving makes the subtle green hues on the walls more noticeable. Use of this neutral makes the room less stark and adds a cosiness accentuated by the soft brown furnishings.

Relaxing bedroom in Old White by Farrow & Ball

Relaxing bedroom in Old White by Farrow & Ball

3. Aquamarine and Blue

Lie back and feel instant bliss as the aquamarine walls make you feel calm and relaxed. The white ceiling and furnishings bounce the light around the room to keep things bright.

Green Blue Bedroom Inspiration

Green Blue Bedroom Inspiration


4. Pastel shades

Faint pastels, orchids and white tie-backs on the four poster bed all make for an extremely calm bedroom

Pavilion Blue relaxing bedroom

Pavilion Blue relaxing bedroom

5. Is it Green or Blue?

A green blue bedroom with complementary colours on the blind. Ahhhhh…




The Chromologist


The Chromologist is a colour whisperer. He understands and knows them better than they know themselves, translating their pleas to be used beautifully for humankind. It's unknown from whence he came. Some say the fraction of space between a prism and a spectrum, others say he toiled in the fabled colour mines of Svalbard for years untold, deep underground, speaking only to the reds and blues, cerises and aquas, bronze and golds...

The Chromologist 2019 | Farrow & Ball

The Chromologist