5 Different Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

When it comes to Christmas trees, many people opt to keep the same decorations on their tree year after year, perhaps due to nostalgic memories from yesteryear. For those of you looking to try something a little different this year, we have put together five different ways to style your tree this Christmas.

Keep it Traditional

The colours of traditional Christmas trees carry combinations of silvers bells, red ribbons and golden tinsel.

Image accessed at thesaltcollective.org

Image accessed at thesaltcollective.org


1: John Lewis £8.00

2: Wilko £1.00

3:John Lewis (Set of 20) £6.00

4: Wilko £1.50

5; Asda £2.00

6: Wilko £1.00

Bring out the Colour

Our favourite type of Christmas tree (being The Chromologist, of course) has to be the fun and colourful tree, where blues, greens, reds, yellows, purples combine wonderfully to create a focal point in any room during the merry season.


Image accessed on intiyana.com



1: John Lewis £4.50

2: Argos £4.99

3: Homebase £1.99

4: Argos (Set of 48) £3.99

5: Wilko £1.50

Get the Craft kits out

Get your craft kits to the ready, there’s nothing more fun then picking out the Christmas tree, and sitting around the living room making your very own home-made decorations. Be inspired by these ideas:

Find the full instructions here

Find the full instructions here

Find out how to make these here

Find out how to make these here

Download the template here

Download the template here

Get the tutorial here

Get the tutorial here

Go bold, go Monochrome


Image accessed from achristmas.hol.es

If rainbow colours are not your thing, and you’re looking for elegance, experimenting with bold colours such as blacks, silvers, whites and golds may just be right up your street.

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2: Argos (Set of 48) £3.99

3: John Lewis £3.50

4: George £3.00

5: Wilko £5.00

6: George £3.00

Be Different!

For something slightly more unusual – if you’re brave enough, then why not try these?

Buy this tree here

Buy this tree here

Buy this cardboard tree here

Buy this cardboard tree here


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