5 DIY Pallet Projects to Brighten Up Your Home

I have always been a big fan of tackling an up-cycling project on the weekend. From revamping a tired bedroom wardrobe, to a little creative imagination with a vintage suitcase turned bookshelf, there are always a number of alternative uses for the most peculiar of “ordinary” objects. One of my favourite projects has to be recycling wooden pallets. Their solid frames and sturdy material make them a perfect object to reinvent in your family home. Below are some of my favourite pallet projects:

1) Rustic Coffee Table


pallet table

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Whilst you are doing some DIY, why not create your own wood stain? You can achieve a beautiful rustic effect (also known as oxidising) by submerging steel wool in a jar of white vinegar and then applying. Leave this to rest for 2 or 3 weeks and you will achieve this beautiful effect. If the colour is too strong, simply dilute it down with water.

steel wool

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2) Storage Chest

You can even upholster the lid of a pallet and turn it into a beautiful toy chest with additional seating for when you need it. Buy some rollers from your local DIY store, and you quickly turn a pallet box into a maneuverable storage seat!


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3) Photo Frames

The world of digital photography is great. It allows you to be creative with your cherished memories without the risk of losing that memory for good. Take these photo frames. Beautiful and unique. You could even add a hint of colour to make these frames stand out in any room. (The lack of glass means they won’t even steam up in the bathroom)


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4) Shelving Unit

These shelves are a relatively quick and straight forward DIY solution you can do with as little as one pallet. The beauty is that you can tailor these shelves to your own requirements, make them quite shallow for books for example, or deeper if you are going to use them for clothes storage etc. You can personalise them with paint, or leave them bare which is just as effective.


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5) Wooden Chair

These chairs are surprisingly sturdy. Better still you only need one pallet to make one chair and they can be used indoors or outdoors. If using them indoors you may decide to add a small cushion, or alternatively if they are to be used outdoors, you could always seal the top of the chair and transform it into additional storage space when you’re having that annual summer BBQ.

pallet chair

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If you are not sure where to get hold of pallets, I would always recommend looking online. Reclaim and salvage sites are an ideal starting point as many people tend to want to be rid of such things. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Let your inner creativity go wild, buy a couple of sample pots and go for it!

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