5 of the most Colourful Offices from Around the World

There are offices and then there are OFFICES. Here we show some of the most fun and colourful workspaces around, from London to Vietnam! Table-tennis meeting room tables? Check. Slide instead of stairs? Check. Abundant colour? Check!

Moo – London

moo business insider

Inside the offices at Moo – Image available from Business Insider

moo shoreditch - mashable

A colourful installation greets visitors – Image available from Mashable

Moo, a design company based in London, took the very tool of their trade (colour) and splashed it around the majority of their open plan office in Shoreditch to help spark inner creativity. Oh, and if colour wasn’t enough, they also offer plenty of bakery treats to keep their team motivated!

Pallotta TeamWorks – California

The Office Space within the 47,000 square foot warehouse is constructed using a number of shipping containers to keep costs at a mere $40 per square foot. Image available from Pallotta

Pallotta TeamWorks 1

Tents were erected to help keep a constant circulation of air as air conditioning the entire space was unfeasible. Image available from Pallotta


Pallotta TeamWorks

When working to a budget, it sometimes takes a little bit of “thinking outside the box” to get the creative solution you are looking for. Pallotta TeamWorks solution is quite ironically “in the box”; a creative solution incorporating containers to create bright and colourful office spaces within the larger warehouse area.

LEGO – Denmark

lego-office-denmark-43 - esquire

One may have assumed that working for LEGO would be a colourful affair. Image available from Esquire


But we doubt any of you imagined seeing a slide connecting the upper and lower floors… Image available from OfficeSnapshots

LEGO have the right idea when it comes to stimulating ones inner creativity; with offices designed to highlight the company values of “fun”, “unity” and “creativity” to name a few.

Microsoft – Sydney

microsoft sydney 2

The Microsoft Offices were designed on a location basis, taking inspiration from the region, culture and business policy; with an underlying global corporate design.

microsoft sydney 3

The concept behind the design was to help encourage the concept of collaborative working and thinking. Image available from OfficeSnapShots

microsoft sydney

Colour has been creatively used throughout the entire office, with new concepts tested as the design materialised. Image available from OfficeSnapShots

The Microsoft Offices have a touch of class about their design, with a theme that is part inspired by the locality of the office, and part inspired by the global design envisioned for the Microsoft offices.

Eway.vn – Vietnam


Feeling sleepy? Why not go for a snooze… Image available from OfficeSnapShots


Football appears to be a popular topic among the workforce with this football themed office space. Image available from OfficeSnapShots


Different themes based broadly on the employee interests and input helps shape the office space. Image available from OfficeSnapShots

You may have never heard of eway.vn ,but they are a large technology firm based in Vietnam. Their workforce was largely young, and this helped to inspire the design, which was segmented by sections derived from the workforce interests, including a big love among their employees for football!

The Chromologist


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