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5 ridiculously romantic rooms you won’t believe

Once again it’s the time of year for hearts and flowers. Yes, Valentine’s Day, when it seems that good taste goes out of the window and the whole world goes crazy for pink hearts and red roses. In the spirit of kitsch that is so integral to seeing the fun – and funny – side of Valentine’s Day, we have rounded up our pick of 5 ridiculously romantic rooms – with the emphasis on ridiculous. During our search some themes emerged. Bedrooms and bathrooms not only painted pink but richly carpeted in sugar-plum shag pile. Satin sheets, extravagant headboards and heart-shaped baths. If we tell you that Barbara Cartland’s bedroom (a sky-high four-poster carved with cherubs) didn’t even make the final cut, you’ll have some idea of how out-there outrageous decorating can get when the heart leads the head.


Image from the Time Life Archive

Hollywood starlet Jayne Mansfield was frequently photographed in the bath at her Hollywood home. Dubbed The Pink Palace, it not only featured this extraordinary pink-carpeted bathroom (that carpeted ceiling must have been a humidity nightmare) but also a heart-shaped swimming pool and fireplace.

Juno Calypso

Sensory Deprivation, 2016, Juno Calypso

Artist and photographer Juno Calypso’s series of self-portraits saw her checking in to a honeymoon hotel in Pensylvania and photographing herself as alter-ego Joyce. This incredible bathtub, surrounded by mirrors, is the scene for many of the striking photographs.

Kim Novack

Kim Novack, from the Life archive

Star of Vertigo, Kim Novak, poses on a pink silk bed with a distinctly boudoir vibe in this Life photograph. Kim has form with extravagant bedroom decor. A recent Telegraph interview describes a later bedroom as hung with ‘floor-to-ceiling murals, ethereal scenes of people transforming into ­animals, animals into energy.’

Kate Moss

Kate Moss by Tim Walker for Vogue US

Tim Walker is the undisputed king of surreal yet romantic photography. In this shoot for US Vogue he demonstrates once again that where Kate Moss goes we all eventually follow. Monogrammed pink towels, gold taps, marble floor – in just a few short years such design details have gone from kitsch to cool. Just add candy floss pink bubble bath.

pink bedroom

Betsey Johnson’s pink bedroom

Fashion designer Betsey Johnson’s home is a hymn to pink, with her kitsch, colourful design style in evidence in every room. The bedroom above gives you a taste of the more-is-more vibe. How does one make a home like this look extra special for Valentine’s Day? Why fill the ceiling above the bed with a sea of pink balloons.


Ros Anderson


Ros Anderson is an interiors journalist and blogger who has worked for The Guardian, Elle Decoration, Ideal Home and many more. In 2009 she co-founded cult interiors blog My Friend's House with Jill Macnair, as a place to write about design in a more honest, spontaneous and humorous way.

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