5 ways to boost your kerb appeal

Some may think ‘decorating’ is isolated to the inside of your home, however with the summer sunshine comes a focus on the outside of your home. From outdoor dining spaces to back gardens filled with an abundance of fresh florals and edible delights – a back garden is often where people focus their attention, but it’s time to show the front of your house some love. Here are five simple tips to help you achieve kerb appeal…

Fancy Fence

A fence is more than just the boundary of your home, it’s often the first thing a guest sees as they enter your property. A fresh coat of paint to a fence, railings or wall will create a considered feel and can add a certain je ne sais quoi. 

A Farrow & Ball French Gray Exterior Eggshell finished picket fence

A crisp white wall and contrasting metal railings both add a real edge to this home (Image: Pinterest)

Pave the way

It’s time to look down! From paving to lawns, spending some time (and sometimes a little bit of money!) can overhaul how your front garden looks. Pressure washing paving will make it look good as new, while mowing, strimming and weeding will refresh the look of any tired looking lawn. If you’re short of time a quick sweep of your path and front step can work wonders.

Newly cleaned paving and trimmed topiary creates a manicured look in this front garden (Image: Pinterest)

What an entrance! A tidy lawn and swept paving perfectly frames this home, and leads beautifully to the front door which has been finished in the Farrow & Ball archived colour, Chappell Green.

A fresh coat of paint

A newly painted front door is a great way to update the outside of your home, but don’t forget your window frames, exterior trim, masonry and brickwork! These are all areas where you can create a fresh or eye-catching look and will refresh the overall look of your home.

Farrow & Ball Light Gray Exterior Masonry, trim in Farrow & Ball Lime White Exterior Masonry and front door in Farrow & Ball London Clay Exterior Eggshell.


You may be outside, but you can still accessorise. From decorative door knockers, considered house name or number signage and pretty painted planters, there are so many ways you can add personality and character to the outside of your home.

The polished chrome door furniture complements the stone grey front door, while the welcoming door mat and slate house name sign frames the door. (Image: Pinterest)

Farrow & Ball Arsenic Estate Eggshell adds a pop of complementary colour to this wicker basket.

Light it up

Don’t forget your home at night. Lampshades and light fittings are top of the list when decorating inside your home, and light should be just as important in an exterior environment too. Low level solar powered landscape lighting, architectural feature lights, fixed ground lights and the all important motion sensor safety and security lights, the options are endless.

These modern fixtures are functional while creating a feature (Image: Pinterest)

This pretty Victorian door is perfectly framed with subtle down lighters (Image: Pinterest)

This exterior traditional lantern fixture complements this country cottage beautifully while the fairy lights adds a subtle decorative touch around the planters. (Image: Pinterest)

For more exterior decor inspiration visit farrow-ball.com

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