6 Creative DIY Repurposed Furniture Ideas for Your Home

Don’t you love it when you have an old door or cabinet, and transform it into something unique and wonderful. Not only are you saving money which you can spend on treating yourself, but you are actually creating the very things you live around. These wonderful creations give you multiple talking points around your home, can give you a sense of satisfaction (once complete that is!). Better still, why not get the whole family involved with schools out for mid-term break- we all know how handy a little DIY can come to be!

Here are some of my favourite repurposed furniture ideas!

1)      Turn some shutters into a magazine rack  

A couple of brackets and a lick of paint. Job Done! A great starting point for novice DIY’ers & great activity to involve you children in during the half term break! Better still, turn this into a colouring book rack for their bedroom. A couple of sample pots should do the job here. Cheap, fun and engaging activity this half term. I would always a suggest using a water based paint as it doesn’t let off the fumes that solvent based paints too! For some great and fun colours why not experiment with Babouche, Stiffkey Blue and Incarnadine by Farrow & Ball.


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2)      Turn a wooden ladder into a book case 

So many of us have those age old wooden ladders lying hidden in our garden sheds. I know for a fact that I certainly have no plans on climbing one of these anytime soon! I’d much rather stick to the sturdier metal frames which are widely available on the market. Before you decide to skip the thing, maybe consider turning it into a generous space saving repurposed piece of furniture. You could choose to sand this down for a smooth effect and then paint over it in a colour of your choice; or alternatively leave it in its exact condition creating a wonderful rustic talking point on your wall.


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3)      Turn a vintage suitcase into a vanity dresser 

I love vintage suitcases! They have a real character to them, and are widely available for next to nothing if you do a little digging online. I have seen these suitcases used in so many different contexts, from seating to storage and even desks, though this is one of my favourite uses. Because most of the stuff that you would use on a vanity table is quit light, the frame of these olden gems are usually strong enough to store such items in. They can also be very easily customised to your taste and requirements – a couple of light sheets of MDF and you can quickly create your own charming dresser!


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4)      Turn a dresser into a kitchen island 

Kitchen islands have become the must have in any kitchen. All the design shows seem to feature them in all of their latest concepts, but for everyone else who can’t necessarily get a new kitchen anytime soon the thought of having a kitchen island has been a dream! Now why not build your own one. The benefits being that you can tailor the space to what you need it to do- whether that be food storage, wine storage or even possibly as a breakfast bar. Secondly you can customise it – paint it how you fancy, and create a talking point in the room. Finally, you dont need a new kitchen, and if kitchen islands go out of fashion again, then you can repurpose it all over again!


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5)      Turn a Doll House into Bathroom storage 

Now this really is an easy one, that little trip down memory lane will put a smile on your face even when its grey and gloom outside. All you need is a pre-existing shelf and a hand saw. A couple of tester pots and your good to go! Much better than leaving it in the attic, promising yourself that you will let go of it one day. Get some use of your dolls house while you can and create a talking point for anyone visiting your home! A Grand Design on a miniature scale!


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6)      Turn a wooden door into a hallway mantle 

Now this may be a little more involved, but WOW! What a great idea?!? Got a door? Don’t know what to do with it? Turn it into a spacious coat hanger strong enough to hold the heaviest of trench coats this winter. And better still greet people into your home with beautiful picture of you and your family. This is repurposing at its best!


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