7 ways to wake your home up this spring

As the days start to lengthen and we slowly yawn our way out of hibernation, now is the time to bring your home back to life.

1. Blow away the cobwebs

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Start by folding your shutters or curtains right back, turning off the heating and opening the windows wide to really air out each room. It might get a little chilly so layer up and relish a brisk breath of fresh air.

2. Keep it light

Bed linen

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Switch sheepskins, chunky knit throws and winter duvets for loosely woven rugs and lighter linens to instantly freshen up your interiors. While you’re at it, don’t forget to flip and rotate your mattresses too!

3. Clean green


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All natural cleaning products are a wonderful way to freshen up your home while being mindful of the environment. Try sprinkling half a grapefruit with coarse sea salt and rubbing onto baths and sinks, or polishing glass with vinegar and newspaper.

4. Eat the seasons


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Hearty root vegetables and warming stews absolutely have their place in the colder winter months, but take note of what’s in season and fill your plate with fresh stock. Asparagus, spring greens, lamb and rhubarb are all at their best over the coming months.

5. Remake an entrance

Front door

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Consider repainting your front door with a lick of bright paint for an instant pick-me-up. Remember to first choose a dry and still day, remove any brass fittings, and to sand the door right back. Next, carefully brush on one layer of undercoat and two layers of your topcoat.

6. Follow your nose

Swap warm, woodier scents for lighter floral candles and fresh spring blooms. Sprigs of eucalyptus look beautiful in simple glass vases, bringing a gentle botanical scent with them.

7. Know what’s o’clock

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Slowly adjust yourself to the brighter starts and longer daylight hours by waking up a little earlier each morning. This is a brilliant way to make the most of the natural light in your home and to get more in sync with the seasons. Don’t forget that you’ll lose an hour when the clocks go forward on the last Sunday in March!

Joanna Spindler


After studying classics and archaeology at the University of Exeter, Joanna quickly fell for the interiors world and has been writing about homes ever since. She recently swapped her London flat for a little cottage in the Dorset countryside. At the weekend, you’ll find Joanna eating her way around the local foodie spots or trying not to fall over during yoga.

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