A Festive Tour of the Streets of London

Christmas is nearly here, so we picked up our camera phones and took to the streets of London to discover some of our favourite festive window displays. Here are the results. Have you seen any festive windows that you think top this list? Be sure to send your photos to us on Twitter and Facebook.

Check back next week for our feature on the making of The Selfridges Christmas window displays and a video showing the concept becoming a reality!

Accessorize 2

A winter inspired theme at Accessorize

Anthropologie 4

Anthropologie opted for a traditional Christmas village setting

Brooks Brothers 2

Brooks Brothers kept it simple and traditional with a candy cane taking centre stage


Cartier designed a minimalist and elegant display

CathKidston 2

Cath Kidston bags were popping out in the celebratory display

Coach 2

Coach has sparkling decorations showcasing their Christmas trends!

Dior 2

In true Dior fashion, elegance was in abundance in their Christmas window display

dolce gabana 3

Dolce & Gabbana attire dressed up the Christmas Dinner window display

Fortnum Mason 4

Fortnum Mason went for a fun and colourful world window display


Colour and LEDs brought Hamleys Christmas windows to life this year!

Harrods 8

Smaller Christmas settings laid the foundations to larger, more extravagant Christmas window displays above

Harvey Nichols (3)

Thousands of coloured caps brought an array of colour to across the Harvey Nichols facade!


Hermes was another brand opting for the minimalist elegant wreath border around their entrance

Jo Malone

Jo Malone had large Christmas boxes both inside and outside their window displays

John Lewis

We’ve seen this setting before!… courtesy of John Lewis

Links 2

Glass boxes showcased wintery Christmas settings over at Links

Ralph Lauren 3

Bears took centre stage over at Ralph Lauren’s Christmas display setting

Tiffany 2

Over at Tiffanys a White Christmas was showcased with these magical Christmas windows

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