An Ombré Easter

If you’re looking for something just a little bit more exciting than chocolate cornflake nests in your Easter decoration campaign this year, then we have a divinely trendy idea for you from the clever folks at Country Living: ombré hen’s eggs. They make for the most gorgeous Easter table display and will really add a dash of Pinterest-worthy beauty to your home.

Here’s how:

You can create this with just a small 38ml bottle of Essential Waitrose Natural Blue Food Colouring (which you might already have in your kitchen) and 18 hard-boiled eggs. Set out six 12-ounce glasses, labelled A to F. Add 230ml of boiling water and two teaspoons of malt vinegar to each and stir, using a separate spoon for each glass. Mix in the food colouring as follows:

A = 2 drops

B = 6 drops

C = 10 drops

D = 20 drops

E = 45 drops

F = 60 drops

Submerge a hard-boiled egg into each glass. Steep for five minutes, or until you’re happy with the colour, then remove and place in an empty egg box to dry. Repeat with additional eggs, varying the colour slightly each time until you get a nice, gradual ombré effect.

Then obviously upload a picture to Instagram.

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Kathryn Bellamy


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