Cook National Park

Around the world in ten colour palettes

Looking for inspiration for a trip abroad? Or perhaps you want to bring some of the sights and colours from a recent trip back into your own home. Travel company Expedia has just produced a set of ten colour palettes, inspired by some of the most breathtakingly beautiful places on earth.

Lake Louise

Image: Expedia Banff Lake Louise. (2018) Lake Louise.

Anyone who has been on holiday to one of the Greek islands will be familiar with the mix of bright blue and white that is typical of the idyllic seaside villages there. And we all know someone who has returned from India to redecorate their homes in an array of vibrant ochres, pinks and reds. These palettes however draw more from the beauty of the natural world than from regional decorating styles, and the colour palettes created are full of the subtleties and nuance of colour that one finds in the natural landscape. We particularly love the Wes Anderson-esque, slightly 1950s tones of Mount Cook in new Zealand.

Cook National Park

Image: Expedia. 100% Pure New Zealand. (2011) Aoraki Mount Cook National Park.

Other locations in the series include the ravishing shades of lilac and purple of Provence’s famous lavender fields, best viewed between June and August, and the dreamy, almost otherworldly hues of the Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia. Perfect for exploring the current vogue for dark and bright blues, the palette created from Vatnajökul in Iceland, the third-largest glacier in Europe, reflects both the delicate barely-blues of the ice caves created each year as the glacier melts.


Image: Expedia Guide to Iceland. (2015) Information about Vatnajökull.

The full set of colour palettes – including more warming palettes inspired by the hot oranges of Bryce Canyon in the United States and the saffron yellow limestone of Benagil Cave in Portugal – is available to view here, and serves as ideal inspiration for both adventurous travellers and home-bodies alike.

Ros Anderson


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