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Tigerlilly Quinn is a lifestyle blog brought to you by Fritha Strickland; a professional blogger living in Bristol, blogging about all manner of things including family life, fashion, travel and interior design. Fritha recently collaborated with Farrow & Ball to create her very own “city palette” showcasing the colours her beloved Bristol, and we got the opportunity to chat with Fritha about her blog, her interior inspiration, family life and of course, her city palette.

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TC: What are three words to describe your personal style?

TQ: Bright, colourful and playful

What room in a house do you fantasise about decorating most?

Our living room is always evolving, its the room we spend the most time in, as a family and I love moving things around and redecorating! We’ve recently decided to wallpaper two of our feature walls with the Farrow & Ball Aranami print which I’m very excited about.

Your blog covers everything from home design, to fashion, food and family. What does it take for something to really grab your attention?

I’m like a magpie for anything a bit quirky and fun, I love to dress as playfully as I decorate my home and I’m always drawn to Scandinavian or retro ornaments or prints for our walls. Anything that’s brightly coloured usually captures my attention and also I love the idea of minimalism, but it’s never going to be my style!

You’re about to have another baby, what are you most looking forward to about becoming a mother again?

So many things! After four years I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to have a newborn again. I love that this time round I will have the benefit of hindsight so I know those tough days won’t last forever just as much as I know what a treat I’m in for with having a baby around the house again. It really is such an exciting time for us all.

And have you been updating the nursery?

As we live in a two bed house the baby won’t have a nursery as such but a corner of our room (she’ll probably be in with us for a good while anyway). I’ve tried to make that section baby friendly with some colourful bunting and a few prints above the co-sleeper. My son Wilf is actually really excited to share his room when the time comes, provided he says that she doesn’t wake him up in the night 😉

Describe your perfect Bristol weekend.

We’d go for brunch on the harbourside, smashed avocado and poached eggs on toast as we watch the boats sail by, then we’d take a stroll around the board walks and maybe head up Stokes Croft for a browse of the galleries and charity shops before heading home for a family snooze. In the evening we’d stay local and maybe meet friends in our local pub garden, I love that even though it is a city, Bristol always feel small enough to feel familiar wherever you end up, whilst being big enough for there always to be something to explore.

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How would you describe Bristol’s atmosphere and style?

I think Bristol is a very creative city. I can take a walk with Wilf and come across a new piece of street art or a cafe with a brilliant vegetarian menu. I always feel inspired by the city and there is always something interesting going on, from festivals to balloon displays or open air cinemas!

Can you tell us a bit about your Bristol ‘City Palette’ and what inspired it?

The harbourside is one of my favourite spots in Bristol and I was inspired by the beautiful pastel houses that surround it.

Fritha Tigerlilly Quinn

And finally, who would be on your ultimate dinner party guest list?!

That’s a toughie! Probably Kate Bush, Micheal Palin, Morrisey, David Attenborough, Richard O’Brian and Liv Tyler (I spent way too long thinking about this question!)

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