Be Bold – How to Use Red in Your Home Decor

Sometimes people shy away from decorating in red, opting instead for a less bold, less bright, less brash alternative. However, this is a colour that offers so much diversity, ranging from bright cherry reds to deep crimson tones, all of which can look lovely when used in the right situation.

Earthy Reds

These tend to bring warmth to a room and can help to create either a dramatic statement or tranquil serenity. A feature wall is a striking way to highlight a rich, strong tone without it being overpowering. The full tones will warm but not overwhelm the room.


An autumnal russet red will help to add warmth to a room.

Furniture & Accessories

If you’re still slightly unsure, a great way of introducing red into a room is by painting small pieces of wooden furniture and accessories. Painting items such as picture frames, tables, shelves and even skirting boards in red is a great way of trying out different tones without making the room close in.


This fun crimson table looks great alongside a vintage red telephone and comfy chair.

Muted Reds

For a more traditional scheme, muted reds that retain their warmth with undertones of magenta work particularity well in dining areas, giving the space a sense of grandeur.


A muted red adds a sense of the regal to a dining room, creating the perfect place to entertain.

Cherry Reds

Bright cherry reds are a great way to add pops of colour to a room but should be used sparingly. These kind of reds look great on front doors and work really well when paired with more neutural colours, especially greys.

F&B Amanda's House

Using a cherry red sparingly, on the underside of a bath or wooden paneling, is a great way to introduce colour to a room.



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