Down at the Bottom of the Garden: 8 Eyecatching Outbuildings

Ah the humble shed. Home to the lawnmower, various gardening paraphernalia and the things you should really have taken to the tip by now but are keeping ‘just in case’. But an outbuilding can be more than just a garden equipment repository. The right structure, in the right place, painted in the right colour could become a verdant sanctuary  for you. Summerhouses, beach huts, even shepherd’s huts can be adapted to a garden setting, perfect for those warm summer evenings.

1. Reflect the Sky

With a lean-to or wooden conservatory frame painted in the vibrant Stone Blue.

Conservatory in Stone Blue by Farrow & Ball

Conservatory in Stone Blue by Farrow & Ball

2. An Entirely Complementary Summerhouse

Create more of a sense of space and harmony by painting a summer house in natural, leafy tones.

Summerhouse in Down Pipe and Lichen

Summerhouse in Down Pipe (darker) and Lichen

3. Add Colour to Furniture

Make the structure fade in to the back ground, but add flashes of colour and interest by painting chairs or a garden table.

A pretty summer house

A pretty summer house

4. Beach Hut

Beach huts aren’t just for the beach as pictured below. You may have to rely on word of mouth (or Gumtree) but we found an old beaten up beach hut that was on its way to the skip and rescued it, rebuilding it at the end of the garden! Unfortunately it got inhabited in a big way by a colony of bees and we had to have it taken away… but that’s a different story and not a regular occurrence!

A painted beach hut

A painted beach hut

5. An Old Shepherd’s Hut

These are more of a miniature caravan, originally used by shepherds in the 19th and 20th century to follow the sheep. These days there are a number of companies making beautiful examples such as the one below. A quick Google of ‘shepherd’s huts’ will lead you to a number of manufacturers.

Shepherd's Hut in Mizzle

Shepherd’s Hut in Mizzle

6. A Wide Open Summerhouse

Simple, elegant and a place to unwind in the sun.

House white summerhouse

House White Summerhouse

7. Sympathetically Painted Summerhouse

Colours can appear up to two shades lighter when used outside, so using a darker green such as Lichen by Farrow & Ball can help an outbuilding blend in to its surroundings better.

A summer house in Lichen by Farrow & Ball

A summer house in Lichen by Farrow & Ball

8. ‘Potting Shed’

In apostrophe’s as this is a ‘potting shed’ the size of a small cottage!

Potting shed in Vert de Terre

Potting shed in Vert de Terre

Lots of exterior ideas on Farrow & Ball’s website here



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