Farrow & Ball and Brewers: Three Exclusive New Wallpapers

To celebrate 20 years of partnership with our friends at Brewers, we’ve launched a special trio of wallpapers, exclusive to Brewers Decorator Centres and online at wallpaperdirect.com.

Tessella BP 3609 - one of three new Farrow & Ball wallpapers exclusive to Brewers

Tessella BP 3609

Shouchikubai BP 4506 - one of three new Farrow & Ball wallpapers exclusive to Brewers

Shouchikubai BP 4506

Bumble Bee BP 589 - one of three new Farrow & Ball wallpapers exclusive to Brewers

Bumble Bee BP 589

Brewers has been helping us transform homes with our paint and wallpaper since 1998. So what better way to celebrate than by treating three of our best-loved patterns to brand new colourways?

At our own Dorset factory, we print all of our wallpapers with real Farrow & Ball paint. That not only means instant intrigue and beautiful texture for your walls, it also means that matching with the rest of your scheme is effortless. Read on to find out the paint colours that, together with each new colourway, add up to a beautifully balanced scheme.

Bumble Bee BP 589

Bumble Bee

Playful but polished, Bumble Bee adds a touch of whimsical elegance to everything from children’s rooms to en-suites. For Brewers, we’ve given it a darker twist with inky Stiffkey Blue and tranquil Calluna.

Did you know?

The inspiration for Bumble Bee comes all the way from Rueil-Malmaison on the outskirts of Paris, where decorators hung a bee-patterned fabric in Joséphine Bonaparte’s bedroom. And it’s not the only product in our range inspired by the imperial couple

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Tessella BP 3609


Eye-catching and easygoing all at once, Tessella makes a striking statement with its clean geometric lines. Our brand new colourway, featuring warm off-white Pointing on Pink Ground, adds a hint of softness.

Did you know?

Our elegant geometric design takes its name from the smallest ceramic pieces used in mosaic-making. It’s also related to the verb ‘to tessellate’ – to cover a surface in a mosaic or repeating pattern.

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Shouchikubai BP 4506


Our popular print mixes brush-style botanical motifs with neat hexagons for a paper with an elegant look and a grounding presence. We’ve given it a makeover in all new shades, including School House White for a fresh-feeling backdrop and shapes printed in Treron and Jitney.

Did you know?

The name for our wallpaper comes from the Japanese ‘Sho Chiku Bai’, or, literally, ‘pine, bamboo, plum’. These plants are known as ‘Three Friends of Winter’ for their ability to stand firm in the harsh, cold weather.

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Carys Lowry-Carter


After a stint at the University of Oxford writing about books, Carys was overjoyed to happen upon a career writing about her other favourite thing: colour. A copywriter by day and singer-songwriter by night, Carys can usually be found scouring Pinterest for new interior ideas or noodling on one of her many musical instruments.

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