The Colourful Sock Diary of Luna & Curious

Luna & Curious is a great little shop on Calvert Avenue, one of Shoreditch’s loveliest streets. Its three owners, jeweller Rheanna Lingham and ceramicists Polly George and Kaoru Parry have created what they refer to as a mini department store that’s filled with homewares, fashion accessories, jewellery, children’s clothing and toys. It’s an appealingly random hotch potch that’s basically things they like – an approach aided by the fact that all three ladies have backgrounds in design plus their own strong sartorial styles.

Today, we’re celebrating Luna & Curious’s fabulous contribution to the world of socks. The shop has stocked French brand Bonne Maison for nearly three years and in that time shared some of their (often repeat) customers’ ways of wearing them for their instagram followers. Rheannon helped us to bring together a few favourites and below shares a bit of the background story.

colour diary | Luna & Curious | The Chromologist

coloured socks | Luna & Curious | The Chromologist

Sock diary | Luna & Curious | The Chromologist

What switched you onto the sock brand originally / how did you discover them?

“We discovered Bonne Maison at Maison et Objet trade show in Paris in January 2013.  It’s mainly an interiors show so we weren’t looking for socks at all, but we were smitten straight away. We were the first UK stockist and the first online stockist so our first season sold out three times over with the socks flying to all corners of the world. Bonne Maison research their designs beautifully and are inspired by textile designs based on 18th century samplers or 1950s kimonos, or artists. The socks stand on their own, but for me this adds a real beauty. Jean Gabriel, who owns Bonne Maison, came to visit our store this year and explained to me the traditional sock knitting machines that they use in France only knit 50 pairs of socks a day.”

What kind of people buy them from you and are they unisex?

“Everyone buys them, young and old. Socks are a special piece of clothing as they act as an accent, there are those that dress flamboyantly and the socks are just another accessory to their outfits, then there are those that have to wear suits or are more restrained in their clothing, and the sock is that secret pop of colour, the flash of humour and the small detail that only those that are really engaged with you notice. We now stock a selection in men’s sizes after seeing too many men squeeze themselves into the smaller size for the love of socks.”

“for those that have to wear suits or are more restrained, the sock is that secret pop of colour, the flash of humour”


Do you have any regular sock customers?

“Yes! Many. Customers are always so surprised when remember the styles they already own. Katy Hackney is an avid collector and Instagrammer of the socks.”

What’s your favourite sighting of them so far?

“Alice Herrick, a gallerist, kindly brought her ‘heads’ socks back to visit us teamed with a pair of white brogues. It was like we had rehomed them and she was showing us how well they had settled in.”

How often do you get new socks in and how many are in the range currently?

“Twice a year: Spring/Summer often arrives in February and Autumn/Winter in September.”

Sock diary | monochrome | The Chromlologist


Sock diary | The Chromologist

Socks diary | Bonne maison socks | The Chromologist

Socks& colour | The Chromologist

Find the current collection of Bonne Maison socks at Luna & Curious and follow their Instagram for future feet-inspo.

Jill Macnair


Jill Macnair has worked as an interiors journalist for 13 years, contributing to titles including Elle Decoration, The Sunday Times and The Guardian. She set up cult interiors blog My Friend’s House in 2009 with Ros Anderson and continues to run the forum daily.

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