Colours of my Week – Inside Hip Foodie Paradise Leila’s Shop in East London

We know that inspiration is all around us and can often be found in the most unlikely places. Colours of My Week attempts to capture this spirit by showing a glimpse of the colourful lives that people lead…

Leila's shop | Calvert Avenue | The Chromologist

Leila’s Shop

Leila McAlister owns a grocery shop and café on Calvert Avenue, just off Arnold Circus in London’s Shoreditch. It’s called, simply, Leila’s Shop. If you buy a sandwich there it may have just two ingredients, but those ingredients will be the best of their kind – the chef and food authority is as well known for hunting down the finest seasonal food stuffs from around the world as she is for keeping her food simple. Her grocery shop is frequented by London’s biggest foodies and is charmingly old school – like the one we all want on our local high street. The cafe, though simple too, boasts a terrific interior style with rustic tables, concrete flooring and green stools designed by Leila’s friend Martino Gamper.

Carefully Considered Colour

However, it’s on the crowded shelves and inside the humble wooden crates that you can see riotous colours. Here is Leila’s week in colour…

Bobbi beans Barlotti beans  Leila's Calvert Ave  The ChromologistBobbi beans and Borlotti beans from Italy.

Leila's Calvert Avenue  Leila McAlister's colours  The Chromologist

Salt pollock, Marinda tomato and broad bean salad.

Cantaloupe and watermelon  Leila McAlister's colours  The ChromologistCantaloupe and water melon from Italy.

Strawberry Cordial | Leila McAlister's colours | The ChromologistStrawberry cordial made from a Swedish recipe.

Flat peaches & Merinda Tomatoes | Leila McAlister's colours | The ChromologistFlat peaches from Spain and Marinda tomatoes.

Beetroots | Leila's cafe Shoreditch | The ChromologistBunched beetroot from England.

Visit Leila’s Shop at 15-17 Calvert Avenue,London E2 or find it on Facebook here.

Featured image courtesy of Cv and Coffee

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