Two-tone painted wall with an assortment of painted chairs

How to Create a Unique Design Feature For Your Home with Paint

There are an increasing number of individual and inspirational paint ideas that are easy to create at home. Whether simply painting the lower and upper parts of the wall different colours, or creating a wonderfully unfinished paint effect on the wall, doing something different with paint has become an easy way to create a feature in a room. Here are three suggestions:

1. Drippy Roller Effect

At first glance this looks like a mistake, but it’s actually an incredibly brave way to add a ‘splash’ of colour to a monochrome kitchen.   The striking orange is Farrow & Ball Charlotte’s Locks and it really adds colour to this sleek, modern space.

A modern, monochrome kitchen with orange and white paint splash walls

Paint splash kitchen from Farrow & Ball: Decorating with Colour by Ros Byam Shaw


2. Wet Glaze Texture

I love how this technique achieved by dragging a brush through wet glaze, adds so much texture to this neutral bedroom. Stripped back, simple and most of all very relaxing after a long day.


Stripped back bedroom with textured painted walls.  Image courtesy of Homes & Gardens.

Stripped back bedroom with textured painted walls. Image courtesy of Homes & Gardens.

3. Painted Rug/Floor

Flooring and rugs are incredibly on trend, but if your dream patterned rug is a step too far for the bank balance, create your own bespoke artwork by painting one directly onto the floor. This round rug perfectly frames the table and turns it into more of a feature within the space.

Circular painted run with Charlotte's Locks, Citron and Babouche

Circular painted run with Charlotte’s Locks, Citron and Babouche


Rebecca Maclean


Rebecca’s interest in interior design began as a teenager when she had the ‘bright’ idea of painting her bedroom a striking tangerine shade. Today that passion for colour permeates her working life, and at home she enjoys trying new ideas while decorating her first home. Rebecca loves to travel, seeing the world and discovering new landscapes, sights and flavours.

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