Creating a natural autumnal ambiance

While it’s often difficult to settle on a scheme for your decorating project, with such an abundance of colour all around us, it’s time to head outside and take note of the various tones and textures that the outside world has to offer.

Colour Contrast


214: Arsenic, 217: Rectory Red, 34: Calke Green, 96:Radicchio (Image: Pinterest)

There’s nothing quite like the immense colour of when Virginia creeper covers the entire outside of a house, garden wall or fence. Yet it’s only when you step closer, you’ll discover shade upon shade of reds, pinks, oranges and yellows. However, nothing sets this off quite as well as a quick pop of colour amongst the various shades. Like this brightly coloured front door that brings a freshness to the overall feel, you can apply the same logic when decorating inside. If you’re using various shades of one colour, spice things up by injecting a small amount of a completely contrasting colour and see how this completely changes the look and feel of the room.

In a Nutshell


40: Mouse’s Back, 255: Tanner’s Brown, 211: Stony Ground, 290: Salon Drab (Image: Pinterest)

While we often look to the trees and hedgerows in awe of the changing colours, if we stop and look at the ground, we’ll find a humbler source of inspiration. Acorns – no two the same –  of all different sizes, textures and colours. From nutty browns to dark chocolate shells, rich hazelnut shades to mousy browns, these tones can also work in harmony together to create a simple decorating scheme and beautiful humble home.

Harvest Comforts


66: India Yellow, 50: Book Room Red, 268: Charlotte’s Locks, 64: Red Earth (Image: Pinterest)

Warming harvest colours will create that instantly comforting glow you yearn for throughout the colder months. Taking inspiration from pumpkins, squashes, carrots and other staple seasonal ingredients, use rich oranges, deep yellows and muted reds to create an equally comforting living space.

Header image courtesy of Gail Johnson-Fotolia via The Telegraph

The Chromologist


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