5 Very Colourful, Summer Inspired Schemes

With warmer temperatures enhancing the beauty of our surroundings, summer is the perfect time to head outside and enjoy the beautiful tones associated with this time of year. From stunning walks in the countryside and long coastal evening walks overlooking the pristine hues of the ocean, to taking in the beautiful golden sunsets, there are… read more


Junk Food Haute Cuisine – Fine Dining with Tell-Tale Lurid Undertones

Fine dining, it’s not for everyone. But an anonymous Instgrammer has created a new take on this niche cuisine to challenge the naysayers, plating up junk food to look like haute cuisine. ChefJacquesLaMerde appears to raid petrol stations for ingredients to make such finished delights as ‘renegotiated Subway cold cut trio on harvest cheddar bread, Kraft French dressage foundation with… read more

White pizza

Do Not Eat! Kaleidoscopic Pizzas

What’s the most novel pizza topping you’ve ever enjoyed? Pineapple? Chicken Tikka? Pretty standard. But how would you feel about glitter and toothpaste topped with a Smurf? French design studio Black Pizza have created a set of pizzas that definitely look better than they taste, all to promote the different elements of their craft, and the results… read more

The Chromologist 2019 | Farrow & Ball

The Chromologist