Dashingly different wedding details

While there are hundreds, nay thousands, of wedding blogs out there bombarding you with Big Day inspiration, we thought we’d chip in our two-penneth on the topic of buttonholes. Known to our American cousins by the much grander name of ‘boutonnière’, these lovely little touches are essential to any self-respecting groom or usher’s ensemble. Forget them, and incur your bride’s wrath.

While tradition dictates that they match the bridal bouquet, we’ve noticed that wedding planners and clever brides are having a lot more fun with these of late. Here are a few of our favourites, they may even inspire you during your own wedding planning…

The Classic

If there’s a more gorgeous flower than the peony, we haven’t found it. A firm wedding favourite, we love the use of bright wire here for contrast and character.

Photo by Versluis Photography / Design by Blue Bouquet, Kansas City

The Hot Wheels

This idea might sound silly but, as you can see from the below snapshot from PumpkinandPye, it can look very, very sweet. Find a miniature (and we do mean miniature) model of the groom’s favourite motor for a whimsical yet masculine touch.

Available from Etsy shop PumpkinandPye

The Après

This is so cool (pun intended). Intricately constructed mini skis made of cardboard and thread, finished off with a navy ribbon to keep it formal enough for a wedding. The perfect meeting point between wedding chic and boyish charm. 

Photo courtesy of realflowerpetalconfetti.blogspot.co.uk

The Hero

In a similar vein to the Hot Wheels idea, head down to your local Lego store and pick out a fitting mini-me superhero to adorn your groom’s lapels. If you’re not crafty, simply ask the lovely folks at MaddisonRocks to make you one (and a matching garter for the bride if you’re really taken with the idea). Funny, cute and delightfully different. Your mum might hate it but your ushers will love it.

Custom Superhero Boutonniere by Etsy seller MaddisonRocks

The Veggie

Marrying a green-fingered gent? Good for you. We’ve seen a few brides clutching “veggie bouquets” on the circuit this autumn and, if you can find them small enough, they make adorable buttonholes too.

The Feathered Friend

Nothing says country wedding like a finely feathered detail or two. Particularly if your groom is a die-hard country bumpkin, feathers can be elegant, sleek and a nice alternative to flowers.

Photo courtesy of The Green Room Flower Company Ltd

Banner image: Bunches

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