Interior Inspiration: Decorating your Ceilings

Classed as a ‘fifth wall’, the ceiling is often a forgotten part of a decorating project. We all grew up with the perception that ceilings had to be painted white to create the illusion of height and space and so many homeowners don’t give them a second thought. But a well decorated ceiling can enhance the overall style of a room and is a great place to add texture, colour, and pattern that can give your room a high-end look. Even though a neutral coloured ceiling can look good I think there are also other very cool ways to design them. Here’s a few tips and ideas for you to try:

Use the same tone on walls and ceilings

A less traditional way to decorate is to use the same colour on the woodwork, walls and ceiling this will create real height and the room will feel much bigger as there are no sharp lines to draw the eyes to.

Apartment Therapy

Using one tone on both walls and ceilings. Image available from Apartment Therapy

Go darker on the ceiling to make a room feel cosy!

Use a complementary darker hue on the ceiling to make a large room cosier and a great way to add drama and interest to a room.


A darker ceiling can make too big a room look a little more compact. Image available from Nina Decor


A dark and dramatic ceiling helps bring out the detail on the surrounding walls too! Image available from Nina Decor

Wallpaper your ceiling!

Although your decorator will hate you! There are so many ways to use wallpaper, be it subtly or to create a real striking scheme. For something totally different – why not try using wallpaper on the ceiling? An understated pattern is perfect for this and can be a real talking point!


Make a bold statement by wallpapering a ceiling. Image available from Erica Fanning Interiors

Create Light and Space with a Full Gloss Ceiling

Create real interest and surprise by using Full Gloss on the ceiling – to bounce light around the room, for a more fun or contemporary room.


Bounce light around the room wit a glossy ceiling. Image Available from


Use a different shade of white for a subtle yet noticeable difference to your ceiling

Use a more sympathetic white to your wall colour, the change from wall to ceiling will seem more organic and you will be less aware of where the wall ends – and then the ceiling feels higher and your eye is less drawn to the strong contrast between the two colours.

239EE_2004EE_239EsEg_201ME_Reception Room2_L

A Living Room Decorated in Farrow & Ball Slipper Satin, with Wimborne White decorating the ceilin

Be Bold and Colourful

A brighter colour ceiling would work well in a bathroom, a child’s room, or just about any room. – If you’re unsure, a soothing shade used in a small space may be the perfect way to ease into colour

Bright colours

Bright colours can work well in typically neutral spaces, such as a bathroom. Image available from Renovator Store

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