Dwell on Design Los Angeles 2014


This past weekend the Dwell on Design [show] took over the South Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center. I had attended last year’s show and was excited to see this year’s home/interior design and color trends.

The show exploded with a return to the sunny 1970’s. A decidedly Southern California palette that included bright oranges and yellows, alongside pale greens and blues, while a bold red brings accents the group. The palette retains an earthiness with a warm grey neutral.

And while this palette has a distinct Southern California heritage, these colors do seem to be popping up in color trends around the world.


This beautiful example of the palette was made by accident. That bold red rug with the orange and yellow chair belonged to one vendor while the light blue molded plastic table was from another.

The colors seemed reminiscent of those proudly displayed in Terence Conran’s The House Book from 1974.


The House Book – Terence Conran Copyright 1974


The House Book – Terence Conran Copyright 1974


The House Book – Terence Conran Copyright 1974

There was one standout display that screamed “the future.” This gorgeous display presented spinning sheer shirts bathed in the glow of a light box.


This is a closet system that syncs to an app where you can photograph and index your clothing for easy automated selecting.

Deeper in to the show revealed another color brought to the fore. Warm grey is used to balance liberal uses of orange. Like peanut butter and chocolate, warm grey and orange look great sandwiched together.



Near the center of the convention sat the desert mirage of trade shows: a beer garden!


Providing a place to sit and some suds to calm the nerves, the garden was a hit!


The chairs were provided by loll Designs, a vendor at the show. Each chair was made from reclaimed milk jugs and were surprisingly comfortable, a testament to modern green design!

Orange and green was absolutely everywhere.


R&A Design had a standout booth, decorated with skillfully applied painter’s tape.


This is a display that just stops you in your tracks. Not just from the skill needed create this hypnotizing pattern, but from standing apart from the pack with color. No other display at the show had blue as the dominant color.

Vibrant explosions of color poured out of every display.


Color devoured our two-wheeled transport.


Dwell on Design LA, along with the exhibitors, presented expertly crafted design while coating everything in sight with a beautifully bright, vibrant and happy color palette. What a wonderful way to kick off summer.



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