Fashion & Colour: Rosie’s Top 5 Early Vogue Magazine Covers

To celebrate the return of Vogue’s  Fashion’s Night Out for the sixth year running later this month,  I wanted to take the opportunity to share some of my favourite early covers of this well-loved and stylishly chic magazine.

1.APRIL 1924

Illustrating perfectly that wet weather doesn’t have spell dull, dark and dingy – this cover shows two women walking on a sea of colourful umbrellas. The women, one with a red umbrella, the other green, show us how to remain stylish in the rain!

April-1924_b Vogue Covers


2. JULY 1919

This cover showcases how to paddle in style with a brightly coloured parasol and pink scarf billowing in the wind. The blue and yellow Big Top and fairground rides in the background look like something you’d find in an old fashioned sweetshop – making the whole cover is good enough to eat!



3. JANUARY 1922

The soft blues and greens of the tree behind contrast beautifully with the white and black ensemble of the women and her dog. And to be honest, I just love the square ‘spots’ on the Dalmatian – very chic!



4. AUGUST 1932

Autumn – my favourite time of year, hence one of the reasons why I love this cover so much. The simplicity of a dress made from russet and yellowing leaves, contrasted against the flowing pearl necklace creates a graceful cover. (I also love the fact that it’s priced at just ‘One Shilling’!)

VoguecoverAug1 932_XL


5. DECEMBER 1917

And finally, in contrast to all the colour, a truly magical cover – pitch-black and featuring a fabulously dressed lady in pink who sits elegantly upon a thin  crescent moon.



All images in this post are from the Vogue Image Archive


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