Field of Dreams

We’ve all been there. You climb into bed at a prudent 9.30pm, read a few chapters of your book, switch off the light…and lie there wide awake ‘til 1am. It’s not fair, you want sleep but sleep just won’t come. If you’re struggling to reach the land of nod, might we suggest a few handy tips for getting that essential decent night’s sleep?

Less caffeine, more shut eye

Whoever invented the whole ‘espresso-after-dinner’ thing must have been either very cruel or completely insane. A shot of pure caffeine just before bed? Why do we do it? Studies show that caffeine consumption even six hours before bedtime can have hugely disruptive effects on your sleep, so forget the pre-bed coffee or tea and go for a herbal or caffeine-less option. Chamomile or peppermint are lovely choices.

Delicious sheets

Loaf’s Lazy Cotton bedding

Ironing your bedsheets might seem like an unnecessary chore but it’s worth it, trust us. Invest in a set of high thread count sheets (Loaf do a lovely line in bed linen) and iron them with ironing water. We recommend Sainsbury’s Passion Flower Ironing Water – it’s inexpensive and smells divine.

Lovely lavender

Lavender oil is just about the best sleep aid you’ll ever purchase. Pick up a bottle from any health food shop and sprinkle a few drops on your pillow before bedtime. Rub a little into your wrists, chest and neck if you’d like to. Breathe in and sleep deeply.

A snoring sweetheart?

Nothing knocks the romantic edge off moving in with your beau like discovering that they snore like a disgruntled warthog. Divorces have been initiated for less. While we can’t promise a miracle cure, we can recommend olbas oil to alleviate the situation. It unblocks the nose and might just do the trick. Just like the lavender oil, sprinkle a few drops on their pillow before bedtime and enjoy a more peaceful slumber. 

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Kathryn Bellamy


Farmer’s daughter turned Londoner, writer and interiors lover Kathryn lives in Battersea with her boyfriend and chilli plants. When she’s not writing or re-decorating, she’s working on a series of children's books. At the weekends she regularly swaps London for Devon or Herefordshire.

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