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Skittles have been encouraging us to ‘Taste the Rainbow’ for years, and the new rainbow food trend may just allow you to. Brightly coloured savoury items are testing the brains and taste buds of food aficionado’s, such as chef Gizzi Erskine who is a fan of the trend. “If you’d asked me how I felt about technicolour food a few years back I would have given you a filthy glare. Food fads, especially on the sweet side, tend to be style over substance. But I have to support this one, as one of the trendsetters has to be the Meringue Girls,” she told The Telegraph  “Their multicoloured meringue kisses came at about the same time as the rainbow and ombré cakes and bred a whole load of whacky offshoots. Right now we need all the fun and rainbows we can get.”

2016 has seen this colour packed trend grow and with it food lovers have found a new love for food colouring. You can now devour multicoloured pizza (although pizza has always been pretty colourful, but the latest take pleases our need for symmetry and order) and even bagels. Here are just a few of the brilliantly bizarre technicolour creations…

The Rainbow Stack Cake

The rainbow food trend started with the towering multi-coloured rainbow cake. Such a creation swept social media and before long high street chains and supermarkets were selling specially crafted kits that allowed you to create such a towering delight with ease.

Image: Pinterest

The Rainbow Bagel

The Rainbow Bagel was born at the Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York and was the brainchild of Scot Rossillo (World Premier Bagel Artist!) who paired the multicoloured creation with sweet fillings such as Nutella or cream cheese mixed with hundreds and thousands. Earlier this year we saw the Beigel Shop bring the trademarked Rainbow Bagel to London’s Brick Lane and the technicolour creation went down a storm. By filling and topping them with savoury favourites such as salmon and cream cheese and salt beef they updated this vibrant snack for a new audience.

Technicoloured Coffee

We’ve always marveled at baristas and those pretty patterns they manage to make out of frothy milk, but Mason Salisbury (@ibrewcoffee on Instagram) is taking coffee artistry to a spectacularly colourful new level! Think the below is mesmerising? Wait until you watch this Instagram video of how he creates such a thing.

A Cheese Toastie Rainbow

Grilled cheese sandwiches have made a come back in recent years, with the likes of Jamie Oliver and Heston Blumenthal giving them an reboot with pulled pork, truffle oil and the likes. The below rainbow creation is the brain child of street food pop up Grill My Cheese. Packed with beetroot, rocket, roasted onion, goats cheese and truffle oil, this technicolour dream is only ever available for one day only, and you’ve got to be quick off the mark to grab one as they sell like hot cakes!

Multicoloured Meringue Kisses

The Meringue Girls’ East London kitchen was the birthplace of these vivacious sugary little kisses. The girls have mastered the perfect meringue peak and their bakery produces over 8,000 meringues a week (that’s a lot of eggs and sugar!!). Oh and their Meringue Girls Cookbook teaches you how to make these delightful creations. Even better!

Other colour packed edible morsels…

Pancakes, ice cream and even sushi. Seemingly no food is safe from this food trend…


Image: Instagram @kim_estherrhealthyblog

Image used to in the headline from Khoollect

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