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Here at The Chromologist, we love the Great British Bake Off. But one thing that may slip the eye is the iconic pastel colours that grace the Bake Off kitchen. The set has an uncanny patriotic British feel to it, resulting from a traditionally British interior design scheme coupled with traditional branded kitchenware adding a sense of nostalgia to an iconic set. Below, we are going to take inspiration from this kitchen and recreate it for the home.


Colour has been cleverly used throughout the set to create a non-intrusive palette which extenuates the iconic kitchenware (below). In less congested areas, subtle patterns that are reminiscent of 19th Century stately homes.

The result: A light space brought to life by pastel tones and subtle wall decoration, allowing for the exceptional craftsmanship of the kitchen accessories to be highlighted throughout the show.


Above colours available from Farrow & Ball


One the biggest decor trends is up-cycling furniture. The set designers on the Great British Bake Off have also seemingly been hard at work with the wonderful up-cycling of many of the furnishings within the shows set. Further to this, some of these furnishings have been completely re-purposed, with kitchen units turned into interior plant pots, and work stations tastefully decorated in similar shades of the colours used on the wall.

Re-purposing so much furniture has helped the team recreate this iconic “shabby” kitchen feel that so many people are looking for in their homes. What this shows us is that you too can create this look…and better still you can achieve this for a fraction of the cost of buying a new kitchen.

For more inspiration on up-cycling furniture please click here.


Image courtesy of BBC


It’s quite funny how trends change. It was only a few years ago that many of us were yearning stainless steel, Michelin standard kitchen spaces, but as we have evolved, so have our tastes. Nowadays we seem to have taken a nod towards a more “retro” feel in the kitchen, from larder style fridges, to brightly coloured mixers – take the KitchenAid mixer; a longstanding brand which is still used in the bake off kitchen to this day! We seem to have stepped away from having a digital display on absolutely every single appliance we own (albeit convenient) and it’s a nice alternative from the ever advancing technology available on the market- as they say, if it’s not broken, why fix it?


Image courtesy of Woman’s Day

Pattern has also been used to decorate the set. Most apparent is the “Great British Bunting” floating proudly above the contestants as they battle for the crown this evening. If a bunting isn’t for you, there are many other ways to accessorise your kitchen the Great British way. Cue Cath Kidston and their quintessentially British floral designs. From aprons table cloths, their vivid patterns are sure to complement the above pastel scheme used to decorate this kitchen.


All images courtesy of Amazon UK & Cath Kidston

And now all that is over, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the final. Who knows? This time next year you may have your very own “Bake off Kitchen”.

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